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"I am a citizen of the world."
(by Diogenes of Sinope when we was asked where he came from)
Artificial Evolution in x86 systems:

2011.07: Evolus - second lifeform that took the redpill (Flibi: Reloaded in Virus Bulletin 11.2011)
2010.12: Evoris - first lifeform that took the redpill (Flibi night in Virus Bulletin 03.2011, and Flibi: Evolution in Virus Bulletin 05.2011)

2012.06: Towards Metamorphic Virus Recognition Using Eigenviruses - (by Mousafa Saleh, 88 pages, partly about Flibi)
2011.07: Imitation of Life: Advanced system for native Artificial Evolution - 22 pages
2010.11: Mutational Robustness in x86 systems - (source+binary), 2 pages
2010.10: Taking the redpill: Artificial Evolution in native x86 systems - (source+binary), 21 pages

2010.11: Time evolution of Hamming-Distance

Hamming-Distance 1          Hamming-Distance 2
Left: Original guard-files          Right: optimized guard-files (CreateToolhelp32Snapshot)
x-axis=Difference to ancestor;
y-axis=timescale (1 = 3 minutes)