o, everything ends sometimes or somewhere. And you have, unfortunately, reached the end of our first issue. We hope, all you enjoyed the mag. To say the true, in some moments we lost hope the mag 'll be sometimes released. First we had viewer but not enough articles, then we obain high quality articles but found the viewer shitty... So we decided to use new mag engine, The CYBERAGE. After all the problems, the zine went out (uraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!). We know, our english is in some points quit buggy. We apologise :(((( But in the limited time we had for our work there was no oportunity to find some workaround. On the other hand, we brought to you in this issue tasty and cheesy high quality viruses and some other stuff. If you enjoyed the mag, please give us some form of feedback (look at "How to contact us" section). We need some moral support to keep us the engouraged for next issues. Do not forget, everyone has a share, everyone can contribute.

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