ear reader, please allow me to introduce the first (and i hope not the last at the same time) issue of our zine. I hope, everyone 'll find in this isssue at least two or three articles, which 'll be for him of some value.

e would like to focus our mag not only on virii, but also on the rest of the H/P/A/V. Ofcourse, we don't want to present only own stuff, every piece of your activity, dear reader, 'll be great. If you 're author of the ultimate, kick-the-ass virus or utility, or just want to tell your latest experiences or opinions to the rest of comunnity, contact us ! We would like to make your stuff public.
emember, not everyone is virus&asm guru, so we 'll bring some stuff, which for some of you dudes, could be trivial or lame. But for someone it could be good example or ever the inspiration for own start as vx coder.
ast but not the least, we 'll try to bring some interesting background stories and infos, some virus history related articles and more ...

hy this zine is named '*'? Well, we got several explanations. Just choose your favourite one.
'*' in computer terms stands for wildcard - the sign that covers everything.
'*', which ascii code is 42, was a international code for Slovakia, the origin of editors of this zine. However, nowadays we got a new dial-code 421 :(
'*', the number of 42, is the answer to ultimate question of life, universe and everything.

iz little section is very important. If we forget to include you name, don't worry about it. We apologise for such a ommision, but on the other hand, who cares?

Personal greetings
       Virus section

Sep-IRG- if we meet personally, we 'll land in next pub

TuIRG- thanx for your great contribution

QuantumG- your Unix page is gr8t

Ww0rker- how do you feel as fresh married ? :-P

Mr.Sandman- 29A - isn't it MiG some fighter ?

l-- can i get some nukes ? And how was the stay on Hawai ?

Dark Avenger- long live the legend !

lovinGOD- it's really hard to meet you on #virus

Dark Angel- was nice to meet you

yurik- nu, neudalos, poprobuem esco odin razik

Tornado- are you alive ?

avd- TMC is really kick the ass virus

Ender- awainting for your next virus

Online- yu'v kewl style of coding

Nasty Lamer & Ugly Luser- you kicked the fwin's ass :))))

_COKe_- keep da VLAD alive !!! Und zum Wohl !

Vyvojar- how did you find us ???

Blesk- sorry for the viewer. But thiz1 is1ly real the best from all 'round the world

kdkd- 777 !

qark- thanx for sending me VLAD in the past

rebyc- hope my mail 'll reach yer mbox. And be ready for the anti M$ stuff