Hardware-independent means it doesn't run on any computer.

This mail is delivered using 100% recyclable electrones.

Have you heard about new Microsoft's crystal ball?
Anything you ask, it answers: "Not enought memory, add 20MB and try again"

If god wanted human to work with computers, he'd equipe them with fast I/O ports

Quadrature of a circle? Phew! Try to install Windows95!

Sex is 1 of 9 reasons for reincarnation; the other 8 are unimportant.


When the lights are out, all woman are beautiful.

Virginity can be cured.


Your Hard Disc is dead, but Eddie lives!

Wanna keep your system ABSOLUTELY secured? Use: su -c "chmod -R 000 /"

File not found - Should I fake it?

What is this red button fowr9Y~~m NO CARRIER

How to double your disk drive space: Delete Windows.

Avoid hangovers: Stay drunken.

/etc/passwd: no such file or directory

Microsoft: brings power of yesterday to computers of today.

Life could be much easier if we have its source code.

#define QUESTION (2B || !2B)     // Shakespeare