First of all, let me inform you that this is no "Diary version II" contribution to this excellent zine. It is just an efford in keeping good, healthy traditions alive, if there's is such a thing.

Anyways, since Mgl asked me to write a little something about "What's up since IR/G?" I couldn't deny him that. If you feel like you don't want to hear anything further concerning Immortal Riot and are sick tired of my (I=The Unforgiven) contributions stop reading right now. Then execute some nifty version of w32.Kriz on your imaginary-girlfriends' computer, connect to your virtual social life and try to hack your way out from your pity life and if you can't, well go fuck your boyfriend in his arse so you'll wake up the next morning with dry cum in your hair and shit and pubic hair in your right nosdril.

If you however decided to continue reading, live long and prosper!

Immortal Riot was formed in 1993, which in a few words is quite some time ago. Think about 1993 for a few seconds. 1993 lacked a lot of things we today are taking for granted. To name a few examples, email, www, cellular-phones, Fast-Ethernet, Video-on-Demand, MP3, JAVA, Pentium, CD-recordable-devices, DOOM, digital&web-cameras, distance-jobs, online shops/zines/banks, the official Immortal Riot homepage, cheap media and other things.

The bad old times?
Of course, some of you folks could actually access a few of the things mentioned above, but the scene was very different "back then". People would call different 'underground' BBS'es (often with) calling-cards and upload different stuff (often warez) and BBS-sysops would have a few "mail-nets" (like CCi/NuKE/FIDO) and everything worked OK with a 14400 bps modem.

This is now considered the stone age and even though I liked playing games like Civilisation and WOLF-3D, writing trivial COM infectors, plaguing fido-net and so on, it comes a time when one realises that it's time to move on. When others moved on my learning JAVA, HTML, CGI, setting up www&ftp-sites, coding viruses for other platforms than DOS (Win95) I decided to take a step back and learn other things in life.

I did however felt that Immortal Riot deserved to live on even though I decided to drop. I left the organisation to Sepultura and things was going steady, but Sep was left on his own and did pretty much about everything. I guess he felt like he needed some assistence and after a while IR turned IR/G as a possible solution. IR/G released Insane Reality #8 and now we've reached the topic for this article.

What's happend since IR/G
Since IR#8 all members of IR/G once again turned lazy and decided to hang lose (i.e. do nada and enjoy the fame of being in the leete group IR/G. *joke*...). Well, the truth might be something like this. IR/G was organised by Rajaat and Sepultura and they had both been around for some time and perhaps they didn't feel like organise IR/G anymore. I can't really answer why IR/G turned out as a failure since I wasn't around much but fact is that after a while (I dunno exactly how long) we (Immortal Riot) splitted with them (Genesis) due to unknown reasons and everything was silent (from both groups) for a very long time..

However, since "We splitted with Genesis due to unknown reasons" isn't exactly what I believe Mgl would like to publish in an article-entry I felt like had to ramble on about some other things and far more interesting things, for example where we're now.

Immortal Riot 1999
You could say that IR have a lot of members. I don't quite know exactly who're a member and who are not but that's not really important either. What's more important are the active ones.

T2 are responsible for a lot of good, naughty viruses which all has tormented to world and the best example is perhaps w32.Krized. It's been reported here, there and everywhere and even though it only fuck-ups the computer once a year (go check when on it has caused a bit of panic.

T2 joined IR about a year ago and has ever sinced been giving computer-users around the world a hard time.

Another new member is Captain Zero and we are all waiting for his projects to be distributed.

Then how about Insane Reality ? Well, what can I say... If someone feels like organising a zine, please contact me. We have a lot of code to publish but lack some text-material. It's a great challange and a great fun to release a zine and you shouldn't miss this oppurtunity! If you currently not are a member of IR this is something that could be arranged.

IR for the future
I have no clue, the future tend to have a few suprises up hers sleeve so I won't dare to mention anything about it. If you know something I don't, don't hesitate to mail me (

Greets goes to every one in who hanged on efnet #virus back in 1994 and actually TALKED and BREATHED viruses! :). Please Email-me!

Of course, greetings to all new IR members who can continue where the old-timers left off and bear our colors with a great pride!

Special thanks must however go to T2 for being an excellent representative of Immortal Riot. God bless you! IRONY! :).

How to contact us
I can be reached on my hotmail adress, which is

All changes, code-updates and other new information will be up at our official site located at (where other IR-members also can be reached).

This is only my version. If you think it's false, fake, untrue, or whatever, write me a little something and we'll somehow fix that. Don't held me responsible for being a goofball :).

Closing Words
Enjoy the next millennium, your life, your time on the earth, don't waste it, do whatever makes you happy and never hesitate to leave things which aren't healthy for you.

- The Unforgiven/Immortal Riot.