Guys forced me to publish a matrix which I used to create some predictive polymorhical encryption engine (based on emm3 ideas). Because MGL's matrix published in our zine #1 was really poor I created a better one, including 386+ opcodes of course.
However this matrix presented here is also quite obsolette, and I started to build up a new one some weeks ago, but Katmai and Athlon specific opcodes overlaps a lot, so it tooks me more than a week to get rid of it and after that I accidentaly deleted what was already done. And you can imagine - I was so angry so I didn't started again :)

To use this matrix, you should at first install a true-type fonts (supplied) which I used in these excel sheets: using control panel - fonts - file - install new fonts. And you can print it as big as you wish, and start marking opcodes and groups you need to optimize your engine :) Good luck!


Download opcode matrix here Download source code