Yo, dudez and girl (yes gigabyte, this is you :) here is goes. After looong period of time, lot of announced release datez the day of the dayz is here. A small big Xmas present for all you affearing y2k breakdown, windoze NT security-holes-programers (like M$'s), avers whose terror of viruses raises from day to day, cut'n'paste coders, reverse engineers, and of course you - virus coderz.
At first we have to appologize of late (really late) issue mainly due to undelivered stuff already promissed (not mentioning our lazyness and busyness). But we think a two and half years is just the right period for releasing mags. Sure not. But we are going to change our policy and for this reason most probably this is our second and last(!) mag released. We are not quitting but watch and be nicely surprised. (at least we hope ;-)

As in the first issue we aren't aimed on quantity but on quality. So there aren't many viruses but a quality of articles and presented viruses will compense it excelently.

How to contact us
To get in touch with us, you can contact us by e-mail on asterix_zine@hotmail.com - all your email containing suggestions, questions or support are welcomed. Of course, you can contact us directly and/or presonally, if you know us :) Because we don't.
PGP key For secured communication please use this pgp key - as you know - enemies are everywhere, do not trust anyone. But you can trust us. Secret government agencies are watching all around (echelon, for example), like these messages. So don't be trapped by some of them, take a apropriate countermeasures.

Our crew

Notes to first issue
I really wondered that noone was able to solve puzzle in out first issue and didn't contacted us even with a note he read the "secret message". In fact, it wasn't quite secret - it is vissible on the main page, yes it is a hex-dump above the PCB. There are no cpu instructions but a message in hacker-sript.