After Anarchy.6093 this was the next non-macro virii able to infect wb6 documents. This virii was designed to work under ring-0 as vxd. For this reason author developed its own vxd infecting routine (we need to say it was not very stable - doesn't work under win98). In infection of doc there are still some bugs. Virii is strictly modularized (this is reason why a biggest part of code in 29A disassembly is missing) - and this is what i believe is not very common for today viruses. Hovever author claims that this will be neccessary for future, giving many other possibilities. In this virii is used as unified model for relocating code. All such a difficult management is there because of idea of creating self-adaptible modular system, or known as genetic-system (or genetical virus). Mentioned genetical virus can be able to self-optimize its own genes (modules) from available set of genes to reach optimal performace. However, it is still not finished and most probably will not ever be, as particular ideas are already obsolete and a new and better ones were developed. Thats why the main aim of this virus - a genetical system - is not that vissible and a release of this virus as well as his source code waits so long.

Because original source code of this virii were lost we introduce you sources of a bit newer version capable of infection of DOS4GW extended programs. There are fixed some bugs and work under '98 too. We hope you will appreciate work of this author and you will take a look at it.

Download source code of HZDS (Navrhar) here Download source code