SlovakDictator was first of the real polymorphic macro viruses. According that it was written in days when nobody (mostly avers :-) believed there is no polymorphism possible it is really "hard" polymorphic. While reproducing each variable is substituted with random generated string, that makes look of this virii very strange. To get even more strange, instead of using numerical constants this virii uses variables set to specified value. Virii is based on two pass replication. After AutoClose is executed creates a special macro with random name. Its code is decoded from array stored in macro. This macro is executed and replicate (and mutate) itself to template or document. Because of this process is quite complex this virii is really slow. This is the reason of it's name.

As far as we know this is the first release of unencrypted source. We are glad we can introduce it to you. So enjoy.

Download source code of SlovakDictator (A and B variants) here Download source code