One summer afternoon mgl and flush decided to make a vx writing contest. Since we knew all previouse attempts on this field failed due the lack of submission or too serious rulez we were facing "little" problem. To make it as little time consumpting as possible the relust should be short virus able to spread under Dthe OS operating system. To make virus a little bit harder to code couple of condition should be met:

On the very beginning was my opinion that everyone who should be succesfull should be able to undercode 300 bytes mark. But soon i was pointed to old VLAD #5 issue where i found "Smalest virus ever" by Super. This piece of code with its 168 bytes got us to the question - is possible to beat such a low limit? An if who will do it?

There were some very "clever" dudez who actually wanna cheat ... Yes, they requested us to wait till all the submissions will arrive and the we should pick the shortest one and send to them. They wanted to cut its lenght by one byte and take win in the contest. Email-s of this kind were forwarded to the place they belong - to /dev/nul.

Need to say, we didn't expect too much participants but we were suprised only 2 coderz took part in the Tiny 99 Open. Total count of submission was 3.

1 by Super, 2 by Black Jack.

Let's go to the hard core part ....

Ladies and gentlemen, this year the Oscar goes to ... Sorry, i got wrong piece of paper... Name of this year's winner is:

Super / 29A

second and third palce belongs to

Black Jack

Download source code of Tiny'99 contributions here Download source code