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Hello everyone!

For the past weeks, I was having a creative outburst and thought of realizing them and compiling them 
in an e-zine. But I didn't want to release it under my own name. I didn't want it to be called as 
"alcopaul's zine". It sounded cheesy to me. So I thought of reviving my old group Brigada Ocho and 
releasing my stuff under its name.

What is Brigada Ocho?

Brigada Ocho is a VX group formed in 2002. It released 2 zines, one in 2002 and another in 2003. 
It died shortly after the release of its e-zine #2. In 2011, Brigada Ocho was resurrected and is now
an active part of today's VX scene.

So here's Brigada Ocho E-zine #3. It's not only a VX magazine but also a philosophical opus. It's 
intended not only to educate but also make someone wonder. Well, I had fun making it and hopefully the 
fun will be carried on to you as well. Enjoy.

Special thanks to Second Part To Hell ( for allowing me to interview him again.


june 13, 2011

Brigada Ocho

Wanna join? Send a mail to


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