[ epilogue ]
Looking forward to the future what can we expect from the java class file? 

At the current point in time the jdk 1.2 beta 4 is in public release. I haven't taken a look at it yet (Ed: because I really couldn't give a stuff) but I am sure that the java class file specification will not change so the Strange Brew Virus should still work regardless. 

The flexibility that java offers means that it would be relatively simple to extend the simple java virus presented here to infect inside zip and jar archives, and produce a wide range of payloads from graphical to network exploits. 

Java viruses need not only be written in java, the java assembly language may also be used. As well as any other language, a remarkable virus would be a PE infector that infects class files and vice-versa. 

There may be future issues of this document which cover new areas of java platform viruses, however, no promises are being made. 

Until next time remember, 

The best you can expect is to avoid the worst. 

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