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  • greetings
  •      Claire and Sarah  -  You girls are the best  
                      AIH  -  Hey there! 
                     VLAD  -  You guys were great 
                              Cicatrix  -  Thanks for your help 
         The Codebreakers  -  Keep on publishing 
                    Reese  -  My 150 MMX Laptop 
             Jimi Hendrix  -  GOD 
               View Askew  -  Nooch 
              Alan Fekete  -  Great java course 
                   Kramer  -  The only electric guitar 
        Sydney University  -  Enrol more blonds 
       The Long Neck Crew  -  Keep on drinking fellas 
                 Canberra  -  Cold Cold Cold 
                         South Park  -  For hours of enjoyment 
            Perisher Blue  -  Best resort in Australia 

  • links
Cicatrix Virus Collection Site 

The Codebreakers

Jasmin - The Java Assembler 

Mark La Due's Hostile Applets 

Sun's Java Site 

Sydney University 

Perisher Blue