Gigabyte's Introduction

Hey there..

What is this e-zine? Well, it's mainly an oversight of what's been going on in and around the VX scene the last year. The zine is completely contribution based, as this zine is made by, which isn't a group. I've seen grow from a fairly small website (being Evul's own homepage) to what it is now: A virus information site, hosting several (yeah, okay, shitloads) VX homepages. Maybe this is a moment to say, thanks Evul, for the time and effort you put into
Thanks also goes to:

Rajaat, Raid and The Unforgiven: For taking the time to answer the interview questions, Rajaat even in real life (writing the answers down in his hard to read kinda handwriting :)
GriYo, Benny, mort and Ratter: For answering the questions about the meeting.. and for the great time at the meeting itself of course :)
Roadkil: For HTML help.. and for testing my sunglasses with green and yellow letters on IRC :P
EXE-Gency and Del Armg0: For contributing another interview.
Everyone else who has contributed viruses, articles, etc.: This zine wouldn't be possible without you.


Evul: Keep your dirty socks away from #virus! :)
Spyda: /me bites you :P
Queen: Males.. nothing but trouble, right?
Raid: How about we all smoke some weed and burn infected users with the hot ashes, hmm? :)
Darkman: Walking sex encyclopedia
Benny: Lying down on a used condom is not a good idea.. no, not even at a VX meeting! Unless you're called Benny..
Jackie Twoflower: Lz0#2 is nice :)
Rajaat: I still hate qwerty keyboards
T-2000: Fries and beer!
Vecna: Still can't dance?
Mandragore: Cheeseburgers :)
Several other people in the scene.. I won't fill a whole zine with just this list :)

Fuck you:

Virus-X (aka Trevelyan or Frieza)
The Bughunter (aka CWarrior)
Graham Cluley: You damn sexist