VX meeting 2000 in Czech Republic:
Opinions of a few VXers

Interviewer: Gigabyte

First week of August, quite sunny, boring IRC channels.. the ideal moment for the yearly VX meeting. While AVers were probably thinking all VXers were sitting in their rooms, with a computer, avoiding the sun and giving dumb users a hard time by writing new viruses, some of us were in fact having a great time in Brno, Czech Republic, getting drunk, stoned, even getting some suntan and sticking 'GriYosoft' papers all over the city. If we still remember anything? I sure do! Lets see what the guys have to say..

Did you enjoy the meeting?

GriYo: Oh, if... I always enjoy in all the meetings that we organize in summer.
I always find there great dudes ( and dudettes :-P ) and also new places, so i can get my hands out of the keyboard for some days.

Benny: ABSOLUTELY YES!!! I can say it was one of the best timez in this year... you dont think so?

mort: sure, i met ppl who i've seen only on chat

Ratter: of course. it was my first VX meeting in my life and i met great ppl there which i knew only on Internet. It was a great time for me. One of the best in my life...

Did there happen anything funny that you remember?

GriYo: I had fun one day we went to a big park in Brno... I had brought a little bit of hashish from Spain, and we were smoking... We don't take in beginning to say foolishness and to laugh without stopping, it was really funny.

Benny: Yeah, sure. GriYosoft action. all city was full of posters :) and i will never forget how you, GigaByte, got absolutely stoned and drunk, hehe.

mort: yea,... giga and beer :)

Ratter: yeah of course :) talking with you Gig XD

Anything you missed there?

GriYo: Mmmmm... no.
Benny: Yeah, I expected there will come more ppl from foreign countries. nevertheless, it was really very kewl meeting, I had really fun.

mort: more ppl

Ratter: yeah i missed darkman there. and other ppl that do VXing

How often did you have a hangover?

GriYo: Well, we had a hangover every morning... I thought that i was accustomed to drink a lot of beer, but I was wrong, eh Benny? ;-))))

Benny: almost every morning...:P but three or four beerz in the morning helped me a lot to forget :)

mort: hehe,... no comment

Ratter: I don't have hangover after weed :) and i didn't drink a lot