Interview with The Unforgiven

Interviewer: Gigabyte

Heya.. To start with, what do you occupy with lately?

Life. Gf, friends, work, parties and all other things you can enjoy doing while you still are a young adult.

Which of your viruses are you most proud of?

None really, don't they all suck? Immortal Riot are though responsible for quite a few really awesome viruses. Not me in person though.

Some of your viruses were pretty destructive. How do you think about that now?

I don't really think anything about it since it's all behind me. I much rather live in the present than in the past.

Do you think the VX scene has changed a lot in all those years and do you think it was better then or now?

I am not really a part of the scene anymore but I try to lurk around and keep myself a bit updated. I'm though not really qualified to make such a comparison.

However, I don't really think you can compare things now and then, if a person start writing viruses now, he might fancy the scene as much I did back in 1993.

What do you think about all the Internet related viruses now and do you think there will be much more of them?

Internet based malware (viruses, worms and so on) is indeed an interesting thing and I'm certain that we'll see more virus alike programs circulating on the net in the future.

Internet is very vulnerable and many people will target the net due to the fact that internet technology and internet (un)security are interesting topics and if an attack is done properly, it can affect a lot of people in a very short amount of time.

Which old viruses do you like and which new ones?

I like all viruses. It's a great thing to see that people still sit around and code things just for fun. Programming for me and most other Immortal Riot guys is nowadays stricly business.

Which virus authors and groups do you respect?

Everyone who deserves it. Further information about this can read in our ezines called Insane Reality which all be found at our site located at

What made you decide to start Immortal Riot?

Curiousity, I think. I'm a very curious person about pretty much everyting.

How important was virus writing for you?

Compared with what? Viruswriting was a hobby, the scene were our playground and viruswriting the ticket to acceptance.

Did you base your viruses or virus payloads on real life issues?

I based some names from real life and I got motivation from real life. Everything is about real life issues in one way or another.

What do you think about infected users?

I think they should remove the virus.

How do you think most people caught your viruses?

Probably with anti-virus programs.

I only know one person who caught one of my viruses ([Bad Attitude]). He saw "Immortal Riot" scolling all over his monitor and later became a very good coder and an Immortal Riot member.

Do you still occupy with computers a lot?

I work with computers, but on my spare time? Maybe an hour a week, to pay bills, write emails to friends and ex-girlfriends and of course to annoy people with SMS :).

Is there anything else you want to mention?

Naw, not really.

Any greets or hate messages?

Greets goes to everyone who ever has been mentioned in a positive matter in Insane Reality and of course to all of Immortal Riot. Special greets must go to Metal Militia.

Thanks a lot for the interview :)

You're welcome.