Heya all,

Welcome to Coderz.Net Zine #2.
In November 2000, we released the first issue of Coderz.Net Zine. Now, a year later, after being delayed several times, and even almost canceled once, here is finally Coderz.Net Zine #2.
Several things have happened during the past year:

Coderz.Net being a site, not a group, the zine wouldn't be possible without contributions. Thanks goes out to all people who sent us articles, viruses, tools and such. These people are:

Fweek, LiteSys, renegade, GodOfBasic, mar00n, Necronomikon, Vecna, slurp, Dr. Watcom, T-2000, e[ax], Lys Kovick, S.H., Knowdeth, Lifewire, ULTRAS, GzR, blueEbola

Thanks also goes out to:

Greetings to:

Evul, darkman, Antistate Tortoise, Vecna, Knowdeth, ShadSeek, Raid, nucleii, Spanska, Roadkil, Error, jackie, Benny, Sinixtar, Raven, Lys Kovick, Painter6, Lifewire, Rajaat, Simon7, urgo32, LethalMind, and everyone else from Undernet #virus

I hope you enjoy reading this zine.