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Below  presented  current  EOF membership list.  If  you  have  a wish, you can visit our
websites or mail us if you have suggestions or critics, something positive or negative.
Below you can find some basic information about each member, for example the handles they
are using, the emails, their website.

Handle:               Since:       E-Mail:                     Website:

SkyOut                01.30.2006   skyout@eof-project.net      eof-project.net
RadiatioN             03.23.2006   radiation@eof-project.net   radiation.eof-project.net
Berniee/Fakedminded   05.21.2006   fakedminded@coolgoose.com   ass-koder.de.vu
sk0r/Czybik           06.06.2006   sk0r1337@gmx.de             sk0r-czybik.de.vu
izee                  06.16.2006   izee@eof-project.net        After EOF #1 release
WarGame               06.25.2006   wargame@eof-project.net     After EOF #1 release
Nibble                08.08.2006   dark_bera@hotmail.com       nibbl3.host.sk
Psyco_Rabbit          09.01.2006   psycorabbit@gmail.com       -