izee - WarGame - philet0ast3r
izee / EOF Welcome! We are glad to see you in our collaborative zine. The project was started back in November of 2007 with the aim to release one joint magazine together with DoomRiderz, later RRLF joined us too, however before the release they decided to abandon the project, because of various reasons. As you know, the situation in which currently the virus-writing is, is not the best one, consequently, the same situation was in DoomRiderz and RRLF groups, hence why we decided to incorporate. Our main goal was to release zine with good content from whole community by collaborating between each other, whether we have reached it or not, it is up to you. Quality is what a good zine should contain, quantity is what a whole community should care about. It is sad, that there are very less people, who cares about the future of virus-writing, who cannot sleep well, because of a feeling to be necessary, to be an inventor... It is sad, that there are a lot of do-nothing people, virus-writing is not "scene", spectators are unnecessary. Some of you may wonder, why the groups actually exists. What the sense to form the group, if it will die sooner or later. What is the group purpose? Being a group member and releasing your projects under one label? That is one of the main reasons of groups existence. The group without members is just a name. Being a group member means: help the group, help each other, working on projects together. Usually in zines we can see more stuff from contributors, than from members. EOF-Project isn't a group, it's a place for virus-writing, which doing various projects and one of the projects is our zine. We are always looking for people, who could help from both sides, coding and/or supporting. Now imagine our group a bit expanded, breaking the group boundaries. We could do the same: working on projects together, help the community, help each other or even more. Virus-writing is not genre, it's kind of a hobby, so why to split into smaller parts and then slowly and painfully die? Let's be together. I personally would like to thank everyone who had put efforts in creation of zine. Additionally I would like to thank RadiatioN for the great viewer he did for us. See you soon, in next release! Until then, we hope you will enjoy reading this. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WarGame / DooMRiderz I am very happy to see this great project going on. As we know the scene is not passing good times but this must not make us feel defeated. We do vxing for fun and for the same scope we will go on without caring of who says that the scene is dying ... About myself, I have to admit with much sadness that the group to which I belong to, DoomRiderz, is dead. The reasons are simple to understand. After the release of this zine I will re-join EOF (that has been the first group that accepted me) and so my group can be considered disbanded. It's better to have one active group than many idle groups. Good reading :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ philet0ast3r / RRLF Last December I wrote on RRLF homepage "...we are joining up with EOF and DoomRiderz to release one big zine. I'm curious how this thing will develop and I'm sure it's gonna be great...". We made plans about how and what and when. We had a specific picture of this infamous upcoming "virus scene zine" in our heads. But now, short before the release, if we compare our thoughts from half a year ago with what it actually is now, things turn out to be completely different, unexpected, unhoped. Lots of things happened over the last half year, changing personal lifes, opinions, goals, feelings, insights, self-concepts. You can see the result of all this in this zine. Or better: you can not see it, cause it's none that can be printed here. In the end, some good things better stay lonely.