BI-PERM v0.2
====================================================================== =============[ LOW METAMORPHIC (PERMUTATION) ENGINE ]================= ==================[ BI-PERM ]===========[ v0.2 ]====================== ==================[ WRITTEN BY MALUM 02.12.07 ]====================== ====================================================================== History: 0.0 - first release 0.1 - fixed bug, procedure 'permutate' doesn't return size of output code src - directory with sources of engine inc - directory with assembler's include files demo - demonstartion program of BI-PERM BI-PERM is permutation engine. BI-PERM allows you to write your own plugins to engine like it was made in RPME (respect, z0mbie :)). You can rewrite routines of mutator or disassember without any troubles. You can also use standard procedures if you don't want to code new. For more datails about usage of engine see comments in source directory and read demo. files: [src] permutator.asm - main engine mutate.asm - standard mutation routine disasm.asm - standard disassembler (it calls virxasm32 length-disasm) [inc] ...the same files as in src directory (in binary format)... - binary virxasm32 length-disasm (edit B without data, only code) [demo] cmd.bat - make script to build demo (tasm32, ulink (tlink alike linker)) pdemo.ex~ - compiled demo pdemo.asm - source of demo - some usefull macros greetings to pri0rity, roy_g_biv, rumi.13 ---------------------------------- Mail me, please, if you found bug. If you have questions than mail me too and I certainly will try to give answer. And I'm sorry I speak English not very well. (X) Malum 02.12.07 - ; =======[ ; ==========================[ ; ===============================================[