WarGame / DoomRiderZ
== Introduction == Greasemonkey is a nice extension for Firefox that let you to "mod" the way web pages look. A greasemonkey script is written in simple javascript using only some special comments at the beginning of it. For more info visit the official site: == The w0rm == I wrote a simple worm to show how this extension can be abused, all in few lines of js. It works in this way: 1) Hooks the onsubmit event with my own function 2) Scan for all textareas 3) When one is found it appends an evil link that should point to the worm itself (in my example worm this URL is fake) 4) Submit all 5) If the current day of the month is 29 my funny payload activates :) So if an user is sending something to a forum or a blog his/her post gets "infected" with the evil link. Infact to install a greasemonkey script you have only to click on the link pointing to it (something like == Final == You can contact me at or visit Sorry for my poor english :P == Greetz == #eof-project,#virus @ undernet Firefox browser: you inspired me :P