Hi to all the readers of Inception!

I am the co-author of this magazine, together with Izg0y, and also editor of this e-zine.

Initially the magazine was though as one purely dedicated to virus technologies and alike. But in the course of development and collection of materials, we got a lot of feedback from knowledgeable people, having skills in various fields of Information Technology. This is why we decided to make a content with mixed topics, so everyone could find interesting for oneself. But as it often turns out – those who want – can't do, those who can do, don’t want... So, we persistently observed a picture when those who was f*cking swear to cooperate on the project, was the first to disappear. Some just quitted and stopped pinging. Only the strongest, reliable and most purposeful people remained =)

I am always for the promotion of open sources of information and think that we should gain knowledge from any data source. And the issue of this magazine is a very good tradition, in that respect, and it certainly shall be kept. There are many good reasons for that, one of which is the fact that every one of us has learned something useful from open sources; and closure of the e-zine would mean disrespect to myself and all those people who made it real and shared their knowledge. Moreover, the development is always faster when knowledge is shared. That's the way it goes.

So, to each his own. For all those who share our passion – welcome =)

To sum up, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the participants of the e-zine. Contribution of every member has made the magazine more interesting and information-rich!

Special thanks to:

  • Izg0y - who was able to attract a lot of people and invested his work in the making of the magazine;
  • _sheva740 the man, whose input cannot be overemphasized: author of articles, our “creative artist”, and the only one who stayed with me until the final release of e-zine. I highly appreciate it :) ;
  • d3m & ALiEN Assault except for their own articles, making big contribution in translating the magazine into English (hail to adept Villain =)).

I wish you a pleasant reading of the magazine )



Greetings to all the supporters, sympathizers and all seeking for knowledge!
In the first place, this e-zine is made for those who want to learn the new ways. Those who want not to let the term "“hacker”" vanish in the labyrinths of commercialization. I am very glad seeing that many people supported the magazine and took part in its making.

The essence of the project - rejuvenating the glorious tradition, with all its legends, myths, tales and spirit, became a reality. Refuse the religion of mass consumption and worship of money! Hacking is not a mass media term, - this culture is unclear for the masses.



Now, it's time to share of the results of our joint work of many months. In search of interesting stuff we applied to many peoples, placed an offer to share the interesting stuff in almost all Russian hack-boards. Fortunately, there are people who still willing to share their knowledge, developments, ideas and sources with you. In the end, we got, as we think, a very interesting stuff on a variety themes that may be interest to a wide audience. Probably the result of our work is a desire to show you to join us to create even more interesting stuff.

We hope that our contribution will brought new ideas, and perhaps as a continuation of a series of such journals, which will help to develop new skills, let take a look at some things from a different angle, and that is just fun to read.

Wave of site blocks by RosCom Nadzor, proposal to ban anonymity on the Internet and multiple situations, showing surveillance by the government force us to take action and go to a lower level, but no situation will force us to lay down our wings and plan to stop by this wonderful world of Information Technology VX.


ALiEN Assault

Tetsugen was a prominent Zen master and preacher in Japan, he decided to publish sutras, which, at the time, were only available in China. The sutras had to be printed from 7,000 of the wooden blocks – a horrendous enterprise.

Tetsugen was traveling and collecting donations in order to reach his goal. Some of the donors gave him 100 pieces of gold, but the majority were able to share only the crumbs.

Nevertheless, he equally heartily thanked every giver. Finally, after 10 year long feat, he was able to collect the funds to begin making his objective.

Once upon a time, the Uji river overflowed, followed by a massive starvation in the drowned lands. Tetsugen took the funds that he was collecting for his grand purpose and spent them all to save the people from hunger. And then, he began his deed again.

And when after several years, the country was hit by an epidemic, he again gave all his funds to the needy people.

For a third time, he started to gather the money for making the sutras and after 20 years of collecting his dream came true - the printing blocks were made and the sutras were printed. The very first edition of the sutras can be seen in Obaku monastery in Kyoto. The Japanese tell their children that Tetsugen made three sets of sutras, and that the first two invisible are even greater than the last one.



Dear readers! We are so happy of such an e-zine was born.

How should one take it? - Any way you feel is right. Just read and take it easy. We all were doing our best to restore the feeling of the good old times. ...And also for you to have something to wipe your ass with.



Hi. I'm Pest. I want to resurrect an old virus trend – polymorphic file infectors as a major component of bot-making.

In those 'ancient' days when the Internet was slow (many just did not have it at all) and the programs were physically transferred between the machines on Floppy disks, CD-ROM's, Compact Flash drives or over a local network, such polymorphic viruses were sufficient for getting their population increased.

In contrast to the past, what we are now exchanging is generally the media files, such as music, photos, clips or movies. The software is usually downloaded from repositories or official sites. Consequently, the file viruses became ineffective for booming their population. That's why we need to find a new way how to use them.

And such way exists: namely, is the use of polymorphic file viruses as a payload encryptor (as it is done for a bot). This “stone” gets us two “birds killed” - first, we break the AV signature with every infection, and second, - ensure the auto-load of the bot with each start of an infected program. And if a polymorphic generator is well-coded, the AV's would get into trouble with detection, and a have real headache with curing. Let me introduce you the new polymorphic virus Beetle.



This magazine will always be in my mind, because my first article was published here.


Versus71 aka HIMIKAT

Greetings to you, the reader. Let me tell a little about myself. I am into the field of IS for 8 years already. These are the main areas which I devote my attention to: docking, web-vulnerabilities, social engineering, anonymity measures; history of development and culture of hacking society.

Its 2013 and it is the time of commerce, when nobody wants to do anything for free, and the main motivation is money. I want to prove this wrong. I decided to take part in this project to demonstrate that there are still enthusiasts. If you read these words, you are probably long time in the business and would hardly change your course, but for those who is just starting to learn the basics, I would suggest to choose a "White hat".

It is a very fruitful time when vendors finally realized that they should work with those so-called “hackers”, and are actively launching various programs with the rewards for vulnerabilities found.

There is also a shortage of specialists in the area of security of communication networks and crucial web resources. Everyone of you can potentially take this place, getting a stable and high salary and doing an interesting job. Develop your skills, learn new things and share your knowledge with others. I wish you a pleasant reading and hope you find interesting topics.



If you want to take part in the making of the new issue of the magazine, or have some material to share or want to discuss questions, propositions, remarks or wishes, send mail to ezine31337@gmail.com. We will definitely get in touch with you. We are always interested in the new and motivated coders (vx, web etc), authors, translators and other people who are ready to help in the development of the new projects!


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