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Cogito ergo sum
(by Rene Descartes)

VX Heavens Biggest library for computer viruses.
adamas.ai VX archive hosted by Perforin (my host)
hh86's room, hh86's twitter website of virus-writer and valhalla-editor hh86
herm1t's room website of virus-writer herm1t (russian only)
r3s1stanc3's room, r3s1stanc3's twitter website of virus-writer r3s1stanc3
genetix's room, genetix's twitter website of virus-writer genetix
pr0mix's room website of virus-writer pr0mix, editor of inception-ezine (russian only)
David Kriesel Website about neuroinformatics, artificial neural network, collective intelligence, evolution, ... (german and english)
Peter Ferrie Website of an anti-virus Researcher, presenting alot of interesting articles about malware analysis and malware techniques.
Eric Filiol Scientific researcher of computer viruses and security, Editor of Journal in Computer Virology.
Mark Stamp Scientific researcher of computer viruses and security, in particular works on statistic models for detecting malware and ways how to defeat them.
Tom S. Ray Website of a theoretical biologist, who has done scientific researches in artificial life and artificial evolution, author or Tierra.
Richard Lenski Researcher of biological and artificial evolution, initiator of long term evolution project, many researches using Avida.
J. Craig Venter Institute Research institute that focuses on genetic, created the first synthetic self-replicating biological cell