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FEATURES: * Mirc & Pirch Infection
                * Payload on 8 april

 + Encrypted:       yes -> simple Xor (will be changed, but it does the job ;)
 + Anti-Debug:      yes -> - fake routine call (just a bit, cos' it makes the worm slower)
       - dead keyboard during execution
       - int 3h game
       - int 1h no tracing
 + Anti-Heuristic:  none (will be implemented ??)
 + Anti-Emulation:  none (will be implemented ??)
 + Anti-Bait:       n/a
 + Morphism:        none (will be implemented - probably very slow morphism)
 + Stealth:         Mirc script has some & stuff are read-only/hidden/system  (...just basic Worm stealth features)
 + Deep-Rooting:    yes (?!¿-what is that!) -> restart to each boot
      + winstart.bat -trying to reinstall itself
              -and copy worm on E: to Z:
 + not optimized...

 0K!... my comments sucks! Open Ralf Brown's Interrupt List please  :)
 00KKK!... my english sucks even more!! Open a Dictionary  hahahaha!!!