When the going gets weird the weird turn pro
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Editorial by philet0ast3r:

Hello and welcome to rRlf #1 - When the going gets weird the weird turn pro
(subtitle and title-picture by El DudErin0).
Let me first tell you some things about how this zine came into being:
A not so long time ago I surfed on a page that was named "SallyOne Group".
I knew SallyOne as a big virii-archive, and as it seemed, BTK, the owner
of SallyOne.com, wanted to make up a virus writing group. At this time
SallyOne Group was just a few weeks old, and they were searching for
members. So I became SallyOne Group member ;) Just two weeks later
the host of the SallyOne Group page, well, killed the page, and BTK was
short before killing the group. That seemed a bit short being to me,
so I decided to host the page on my domain (rRlf.de ;). OK, that worked
a while. Some time around beginning of January 2002 I realized that my
e-mail-address with @SallyOne.com didn't work anymore. SallyOne.com was
down because BTK decided to leave the scene for now. Well, because of
lack of interest in keeping the group nevertheless alive SallyOne Group
is dead since 12.1.2002. You can say I am responible for it, because the
page was (is) on my domain and I deleted it. Yes, I am the murder of
SallyOne Group. heh, evil. Well, SallyOne Group was a nice try, and I
did my best. But I had to release the virii I wrote for SallyOne Group
in some way, and I didn't want to just put them on our homepage. So the
idea of an rRlf-zine came up. Well, here the story is over, the rest of
the rRlf members also thought this would be a good idea, so here we are.
What you have (probably) in front of you is not just a VX related zine.
That's because rRlf is not just VX related, too ;)
These are also the last relases from Energy, because he left the group
a short time ago.
We all hope you like it. If not, well there's a way to change this:
Tell us what you don't like, or better make it better the next issue
yourself. Yes, we are a zine, everybody who wants to can contribute.
And because we are not just VX related, but open to other things,
you can send in anything you like to make available to the public.
Hope you do this.
Until then.