When the going gets weird the weird turn pro
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Low cost advertisment at an higher l3vel by dr.g0nZo

1. Find a sucking guest-book. I suggest to take something like funky-needles.de.vu or u-Boot.com. But nothing such as the something awful forums!
2. Diss all the persons without a reason, make some nice advertisments for your site. Use an AKA that isn't named on it.
3. It's good to have a lot of those gb's, hey it's about using "guerilla-tactics", harm the others short 'n powerful, then escape.
4. After about a week or so return to the gb's, watch around. What were the results or replies top you?
5. In the most cases the replies are things like: "Who the f'n hell are you? Go away damn jerk!" Congratulations! Your first scandal!
6. Get to an higher level of "Kiddie-Terrorism". Use the AKA of a well known member, ahh, but before I guess you to esablish a call by call connection on your PC,
   and to download an ip-spoofer (www.gcf.de), hurting the psyche of very new Newbies is good to start. Hope you choiced the name of the most respected one ...
7. Later the "victim"/real owner of the name is going to learn you respect ... LOL Use his name again, two with the same AKA, hmm, could be really funny, or?
   Remember: A g-book of lamerz, not one of the scene!

Don't know what to say more, but stay tricky and fake all those sunday-i-net useres!
THX for reading, if you think, what I wrote is nonsens, tell me.