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Strange Article - Necronomikon's Terror Virus Construction Kit ver2.0 by Necronomikon

This is a virii construction kit for Microsoft Word.

It has the following options.
All of them can be switched on or off, not dependant on each other.

infection on: AutoOpen, AutoClose, AutoExec, FileExit, FileSave, FileSaveAs, FileNew, FileClose

-slow motion: keyboard, mouse, start-menu (delay can be adjusted ; 1-9999 ms)
-launch url (url can be entered)
-Outlook worm with adjustable subject and mail body
-dropper: asm-dropper, batch-dropper
-plug in own code: own payload-code can be entered (message-payload-code given)

can kill a lot of avs:
Anti Virus Pro (AVP), Dr.Solomon, eSafe, F-Macro, F-Prot, FWIN, McAfee, Norton AntiVirus, PC Cillian, Thunderbyte (TBAV), Quick Heal, ViruSafe

On creating virus name and author can be entered.
A bas-file with the virus name is created.

zipped kit