When the going gets weird the weird turn pro
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dr.g0nZo likes to greet:
Berndti, Basti, Julia, Jule, Resi, the dog poo in front of ma house, and the rRlf-board (sorry for my lazyness!)

philet0ast3r likes to greet:
3ri5, ppacket [PVW], Alco paul, Necronomikon [ZG], Zoom23 [PVW], vortex, cronus [DoJ], BeLiAL [BC], ToxiC, kimera, h0axly, Virus 3000, SnakeByte [MVX], Senna Spy, Zarrmann, Energy, pissn3lk [AFN], ina, janine, El Commandante, Ernst, b3rndti, fir3nz3 z00l, Mindjuice

rastafarie likes to greet:
who I would like to greet?
aaaaahhhhhh.....ah yes
well, my make-up artist, the guy who tells me, what to say and then the hole in my ass, thanks
ah shit....nothing comes to my mind
well I greet all, who know me
that's equal anyway ...

Alco paul likes to greet: slagehammer

Necronomikon likes to greet: ... see interview with him ...