When the going gets weird the weird turn pro
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The Ready Rangers Liberation Front thanks you for reading this zine.

...Well, this was rRlf #1. Come tell us your opinions of it (or if you want to tell us something else):

El DudErin0
Alco paul

What the future will bring us, we'll see.
We are planning in any case to release rRlf #2 in some time.
I think we first are going chill the next time ;)
Then writing and collecting articles. And to say that again:
Everybody can contribute everything he wants to (has in no way to be VX related, but it would be good). Just dare yourself!
What kind of human are you? You want to create/change something or just sit and watch?
This is your change to show the world what you can do or what you are capable to. Just free yourself.
Free your mind.
In this sense, until next time.


PS: future issues, the things we already did and some other things can be seen on our homepage:
there you can also send in your articles for the next issue