Infiltration of a Nation
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Interview with rastafarie by dr.g0nZo

The original interview is in German, and can be viewed here:
Interview mit rastafarie von dr.g0nZo
The following is a more or less good translation:

Hi rastafarie! How are you?

Hi. Yes, quite well. Looking forward to the interview!

As we know, you want to leave the rRlf, why?

Was a great time, but I feel myself a bit wrong-placed with my activity at the Libaration Front.
I ran out of ideas over the last time, so I got to the decission, to leave.

Sounds really serious, have you been thinking for long about that?

Err... yes, since I am stuck in this creative hole. About 1/2 year already.

Wohh, your pictures are quite well, nearly got an intoxication on longer looking at them.
What have you been doing besides the pictures?

Well, my activity was a quite interesting one, I had numerous projects running.
Besides other things, getting myself a Laetitia Casta jpg-collection, and I got to a respectable,
Casta collection of high quality of a size of about 1235 files.

Another thing using the FLAT for. Another topic-field. Are you experienced in the drug-sport (intoxication ;) ?

Well ... You get some experience over the time...
I made some of my pictures for the rRlf in an absolute intoxication...
Have collected quite a lot of ideas while intoxicated, and made some real with my PC.
This was already before my rR time. And about 4 years ago it started together with TeAgeCe...

He was also once with us...
Will you accompany philet0ast3r to Amsterdam in August, to the vx meeting? As a "walk in the desert".

Well I guess it would be some huge fun. But I will use this time in an other way, improving my bong-skills.
This will be one more time in Poland, where a "little" drug-scene has established around TeAgeCe (scratch) and me.
Big potato fields, big intoxication, some huge fun...

Any crazy intoxication-stories? How did you get to your dreads? Did friends work on your head?

Hehe ... Well, after thinking for some longer time, surely about 23000 stories would come to my mind,
but my mind doesn't allow it myself to answer spontanously ... [intoxication] :)
The thing with the dreads ... 3 years ago I decided to let my hair grow long.
To that time I had about 3-4 mm. Well, as I had a lionmane, I started not to wash my hair anymore,
and decided to grow a biotope on my skull, and to dung it with silica.
Yes, and for about a 3/4 year, I got those things on my head now.

Are you political active? What do you think of fuckin Schröder's hair-tinting? *ggg* (it gets really gay now)

Well, firstly to get to our stylic chancellor...
I think gay hydrogenblond would also look good on our Gerhard...
The whole debate in the media, the process against the DPA, I think is ridiculous...
Has nothing better to do, than practising unrestricted loyality for the color of his hair...
Actually I am not really political active, but I am looking foreward to 22.-23.5. ... when maestro W. Bush is in Berlin...

Yes yes, the Bush Schorre ... Sadly I can't come along.
What are you doing on the weekend, or on free days, where are you going to (bars, discos, ...)?

It's not my thing, going to bars or discos...
Most of the time, I go to concerts with the other rRs and friends ... Well, you know, what I'm talking about...
In my spare time, I am not doing something very exciting, except intoxicating myself, playing basketball
or playing a bit on my guitar ... At the moment I am making a band with a few other pendejos...
[âlo Beso Negro] ... next week, we got our first little concert, on the birthday of our bass-player ... :-]

... Oh, the sausages are becoming coals. Well, you won't have problems with groupies yet, not yet.

Weeell ... nearly ... Well some time ago ... 3 weeks ago from today, I had something with a cute blonde...
Really noble ... => *wooow fresh* She had picked me and eeo up on the bb-place...
The only thing that bothered were her two kids ... =)

You think of those, who always said mother to her?

héhé ... *fuuuuuck*

0kAY. Was a nice barbecue-session, the world has not become wealthier, thinking of the level of the mind.
Thanks for the thing with the Jackass-style pukeing dog, and for your time.
Do you want to greet someone?

Vrallé ... Greetings to all rR and ex-members and all phucked up borrachos from Beso Negro and everyone reading this article.
Ahh, Casta Pics sharing: