Infiltration of a Nation
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The general problems of society and some brief solutions by El DudErin0

Since I have nothing worthwile to contribute to this issue I will now go an a little advertising spree
instead of providing you with deep insights.

As you might know if you are right now sitting in front of a computer, there is a little thing called IRC
where, for quite some time already, people are wasting their lifes. Now for all of you not so smart
guys out there I will break it down into little chuncks of information.

rRlf = idiots
IRC = waste of time
wasting time = idiotic

Those of you with an average sized brain should have gotten an idead by now what I want to tell you:

You can now hang out with the cool guys of the rRlf in IRC and become just as cool as your idols.
We accept oral sex in exchange for ops, so feel free to offer us all of your oral capabilities.

Come to undernet, #rRlf. When you click here you might get to the channel, depending on if it works or not.

And now to spice the whole boogaloo up a bit I present you the most exciting chatlog in the history of history:

[19:38] *** eeo changes topic to '[] We're now open. Come on in and have some pie. [/]'
[19:39] *** eeo sets mode: +nt

Can you believe it? No? We can't either! It's fantastic! You just witnessed the birth of our channel.
It must be christmas or something! WOW!

I'm waiting for your innocent souls in the chan, see you there.