Infiltration of a Nation
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Revolution - Step 2 by El DudErin0 & rastafarie

The following is a (more or less good) translation from the true bible.
The original writing is in German and can be viewed here:
Revolution - Schritt 2 by El DudErin0 & rastafarie

And the Godfather said:

rrlf 17,23

"And the time shall come, in that the world is ruled by big tobacco-industries.
And the humans will consum tobacco, because the awful ones will mix their products
with substances that addict and the cleanness of the goods will get to an soon end.
But not that alone makes the totality of the nasty, that I predict you.
Also the companies will fight against my plant, the plant, that I brought you,
for you to smoke it and produce heavenexulting effusions of your soul.

²But I say to you, don't be afraid, for there will come, the five men from the slop,
and they will bring you everlasting peace. They will put theirselves in long meetings
mutual in trance and reprogram their brains with psycho-therapy, so that in the name
of the father no longer the desire for one of the terrible cancer-sticks tortures them.
Yes, and they will call it their "rRlf-project". And after they managed to turn away from the tobacco,
their souls will recognize the true peace. And they will design books or tv-shows worldwide,
which help the humans putting their minds to a tobacco-denying attitude. And the time will come,
in which the paradise is no more far away, and my plant adorns the road-borders and is smoked
by every man and every woman and I will be able to rest again.³"

And then Eris came and and slapped gods face and said: FNORD

® and © 2002 by rastafarie and eeo