Infiltration of a Nation
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Little German VX meeting by philet0ast3r

We wanted to meet for some longer time, and this Easter (2002), we finally managed it.
The meeting was at BeLiAL's house (member of well known Black Cat Virii Group), and invited were
(as far as I know): MalFunction, Necronomikon (member of Zer0Gravity), me and two other rRlf-members of my choice ;)
Well, dr.g0nZo, El DudErin0 and rastafarie wanted, but El DudErin0's parents didn't allow this ;) and rastafarie
had to care for his dog, because his parents were away. So there was just dr.g0nZo and me.
Just me, because dr.g0nZo stepped on a rusty nail in work, and could hardly walk, so I went alone.
That means the big amount of gas-costs was also left alone with me :(

I arrived at BeLiAL's house on Wednesday, 3.4., in the evening.
MalFunction was already there since Tuesday, and the two already started coding a trojan.
I heard that Necronomikon would not come, because of his son or something.
Well, we have a very little VX meeting now, three persons.
But we planned to visit Necronomikon on Thursday, because his home was not far away.
First thing we did when I arrived, was taking my things upstairs.
Second thing was going to a friend of BeLiAL, in order to smoke something.
The guy had some really weird "smoking-rules" in his room...
Well, there where I come from, we smoke it pure ;)
While up there they smoke bong with tobacco, and I can't take nicotine through a bong,
so I coughed my head of, and this was a very hard violation of the "smoking-rules"...
That wasn't really it, and we didn't want to stay to play some Nintendo wrestling,
so we went to BeLiAL's house for coding. They continued their trojan, and I started with the rest
of BAT/Calvin&Hobbes (first encrypted batch-virus/worm ;)
We were not st0ned yet :( so I went with BeLiAL to another friend of him to buy some weed :)
while MalFunction stayed for coding. There we also took the opportunity to smoke a joint.
Again at BeLiAL's house we smoked another.
I was so st0ned now, it was quite hard for me to type right.
Somehow I managed it to finish the payload of BAT/Calvin&Hobbes, and when I wanted to start with the decryption
I had no more idea how I wanted to do this, so I just sat there and stared at my monitor...
Hell of a trip that crazy screen-saver...
BeLiAL smoked his head off (for my relations ... the stuff would have been enough for me for a week),
and it seemed he was less st0ned than me.
And I was so st0ned, I accidentally deleted the payload, so I had to do the whole thing again...
So while nothing went forward with me, the trojan of the others slowly took some form.
I finished the payload again, and started now with the decryption.
About 4 am we finally (finally?? ... we were trying to since six hours) watched 23 the movie
(great movie about the German hacker Karl Koch), and smoked another joint while watching.
It was 6 am now, we finished some coding and went to bed about half an hour later.

We wanted to meet Necronomikon today (Thursday, 4.4.) at 3 pm, but unfortunatelly we slept until that time ;]
and Necronomikon had not that much time, so we did't go visiting him :[
Instead BeLiAL had some "good-morning-pot" (or better "good-afternoon-pot" ;) and we continued coding.
Then, breakfast at 3:45 pm.
Some time later I finished BAT/Calvin&Hobbes.
BeLiAL and I went again buying weed (and again smoking some ;).
Then later we ate something and then went to the person with the strange smoking-rules,
where we played some Street Fighter, smoked a lot and watched The Lord of the Rings.
We went to bed earlier (as yesterday ;) because BeLiAL's parents should have came back on Saturday,
so we had to leave tomorrow.

Tomorrow (Friday, 5.4.) came fast and we left about noon, for we had quite a long way in front of us.

Well, this was a quite short and very little VX meeting, but it was nevertheless great,
meeting people, you normally just see on the internet.
... only the gas-costs could have been much cheaper ;)