Infiltration of a Nation
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Strange Article - We do not want your wars, Mr. President ...

Appeal of the German Peace Movement

On the occasion of the Germany visit of US-President Bush in May 2002 the peace movement
call demonstrations and meetings on 21st May in Berlin and on 22nd May in the whole country.
(Agreed in the action meeting of the peace movement in Kassel on 17th March 2002)
We do not want your wars, Mr. President...
Worrying news accumulate. US-President Bush plans to expand the "war against terrorism".
The Iraq is called as the next target. A "crusade" against political unpopular states is threatening.
The states of the world get divided into good and evil to justify military force,
when ever and where ever it seems to be useful. Even nuclear wars are not longer excepted.
With so-called "mini-nukes" states, which haven't nuclear weapons at their disposal, get threatened.
For all that, there is in the globalize world, which rely on the achievements of civilization,
no justification. - neither political nor moral.

War is no way against the terrorism. War itself is terror, because it hurts the population and destroys
civil infrastructure. The consequences for development of mankind on our planet are unforeseeable.
Whole regions of the world - first of all the Near East - are threatened by extensive fire.
Already by the announcement of further military actions, efforts for civil conflict solutions will
be made more difficult or impossible. The international law gets keeping on undermined.

We offer resistance for
- the immediate ending of the "war against terrorism" - on no account any expansion,
- no longer participation of the German Armed Forces in the war of the USA,
- the withdrawal of the soldiers of the German Armed Forces from war deploy zones.
Instead of practicing "unrestricted solidarity" with US-war-politics the German Federal Government
has to contribute to the de-escalation. Political problems can only politically get to be solved.

We want peace - a fair peace, which guarantees all man in the world the same rights and chances.
For that we get involved.

... we want wars not at all