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HoloCaust by Energy
BatXP.Saturn by Second Part To Hell
W32.Enerlam by Energy
Nimrod by Zed
W97M/Chester by ppacket
WinREG.Sptohell by Second Part To Hell
claytron by adious
W97/Blackout by ppacket
PERL.Nirvana by Second Part To Hell
bat\bun by adious
verchocha by Industry
bat/hotcakes by adious
mercury source by Industry
Strange Article - brigada worm a by alcopaul & PetiK
Strange Article - SHOGUN by vandEEd0
Strange Article - Bat.BioRobot by NeKr0

other virus/programming ( related things:

IP addressing and DNS by assassin007
Windows Scripting Host Worm Constructor 1.0 by Zed
Undetectable batch encrytion by Second Part To Hell
p2p worm tutorial by Kefi
DOS and DDOS Attacks Explained by assassin007
Zed/[rRlf]'s VBScript Tutorial #1 by Zed
Some VBScript Outlook-worm techniques by Zed
IP Spoofing by assassin007
SeCoNd PaRt To HeLl's Special Character List for Batch Encryption by Second Part To Hell
FileSystemObject Tutorial by Kefi
Some VBScript Payloads by Zed
Perfect Internet-Worm via Batch 2.0 by Second Part To Hell
Kefi's VBS Polymorphic Engine v0.1 [KVPE] by Kefi
Strange Article - A New Age - p2p.worm by Slage Hammer
Strange Article - Starting with win32asm by NeKr0
Strange Article - How To Hack a Cisco Router by Conwow
Strange Article - Necronomikons Word 2K Classvirus Creation Kit by Necronomikon
Strange Article - Web Cracking by Conwow
Strange Article - don't hide, come out! (jscript encryption, a humble approach) by jackie


title screen by philet0ast3r
psilocybin by philet0ast3r
paranoia by disk0rdia
liberty by philet0ast3r
edge by philet0ast3r
I like it here by El DudErin0
Osama bin Laden by Dolomite
Level 5 Trip Part I by philet0ast3r
thoughts by disk0rdia
Lucifer by Dolomite
_shrooms_ by Dolomite
Strange Article - Wandstuhl by rastafarie
Strange Article - cooperative madness by CatBones & Tomppal
Strange Article - rebirth flame by darkhalo
Strange Article - pikar by Pikar

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stEamiNg RangeR - rRlf driNk by dr.g0nZo
Ein Schlumpf im P0rnfeld by El DudErin0
Interview of Winni Rudroff from Mindjuice by dr.g0nZo
read this by philet0ast3r
Strange Article - Seventh International Day Against Police Brutality by COBP
Strange Article - Interview with Industry by Slage Hammer
Strange Article - Elftor the Terrorist by Alex
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