The Revoluti0n
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Editorial by philet0ast3r

Hello and welcome to rRlf #3 - The Revoluti0n.
Why this title (title and title screen by me, by the way)?
Simple: You'll recognize it:
The release of this zine is the official start of the world wide social revolution :)
So get out on the streets, you don't want to miss the most important turning point in history,
do you? ... You don't belive me ... Yes, I can see that ...
But you will, just wait.
While waiting you may spend your time wasting it in a senseful way,
for example reading this zine.
And if the world wide social revolution is a bit late (because of bad weather or something),
this zine may just revolutionize your mind.
And if it doesn't, then I'm sorry, just be sure it revolutionized our minds.
Have phun with it :)


Remark: At the time this zine was put together, assassin007 was still member of the rRlf,
now he's not. Note that his articles should normally be with the Strange Articles...
I'm just too lazy to change that :)