The Revoluti0n
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stEamiNg RangeR - rRlf driNk by dr.g0nZo

hi folks! today, im introducing you into the world of cheap lower low cost mixtures, which we need for our brains to work. ;) if youre thinking im silly, do so. that bores all. serious part: conditions: you need to have a party, hope there're some mafuckas who you spit at so its funnier for you to steal some whiskey. drugs are necessary. further you should have a bottle of jack daniels, cola and orangejuice... ok, mix that shit as following: 1/5 of the stolen bottle jackie 2/5 cola 2/5 from the orangejuice enjoy your unexpensive drink... another tip: take 1L becks, and 2G weed. mix it. wait about five minutes. drink it with friends