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Interview with Winni Rudroff from Mindjuice by dr.g0nZo

we made the interview at winnis flat in amberg city. its a crazy little flat with all entertainment stuff that you can think of, hes collecting consoles frome ols skul sega stuff till ps2 and game cube... me: hey winni, whats up with your album? did you finish work yet? philetoaster: yeah, show us your work!! winni: wait, wait, haha, there it is! we finished it in the last several days, and now you can buy it from us and cd stores in our town. me: how much does it cost now? will you deliver a single? winni: 8 euros man, special price for all... wanna buy one? me: nope, havent enough money with me... philetoaster: of course! but, what do you think of an zerozero/cd exchange? winni: no problem, lets do some herbal work. but, a single takes some more time. we heard some tracks of the album, and hell it kicks ass!! winni: we took 1 1/4 years for that cd, it has to be good!! hey, take a look at my atari and NeoGeo. some consume of alcoholics came into the whole thing... winni: tomorrow theres a release party in regensburg, you two are invited. will be funny... me: were have you recorded your album? winni: in austria, we made a deal with a crazy dude from a good studio. we recorded, and one of us made him a nice homepage. he always wanted us to drink his austrian beer, but we´re from bavaria, so we had our own beer in the car. a piece home!! :-) some news, member of another band from me is becoming father! well well. maybe they´ll marry. let see what comes. ehh, i have some more beer from a concert that was yesterday, want some? philetoaster and me: yes man! the rest of the interview we were bussy with drinking and talkin about other stuff, and our car accident-actions. so, have a nice day! ... Remark by philet0ast3r: ... We really wanted to make a real interview, but it was like always: Sitting in winni's apartment you end up st0ned and/or drunk... So the whole thing went over to some normal/silly conversation (for example we talked about welding together the front of a black bmw and the back of a red fiesta). The whole thing is availble in wav-format (1 hour!) case you want to have this drop us a mail.