The Revoluti0n
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adious would like to greet: the ppl in Singapore,Philet0$ter [rRlf],alcopaul
[b8],the whole rRlf gang,Second Part To hell,Zed,slagehammer,johnlw,'sin,all
at Undernet #rRlf #vir #virus #vxers,benny
[29a],gigabyte,Spencer,Irfan,taufik,guys in my skool..stay cool :) and the
rest of the guys I know IRL.

NeKr0 would like to greet:
all Necros ;) , #virus and #vir ppl, SlageHammer, Sin (where r u?), Necronomicon, d0iNk (hey slavyan!) and all "op me" and "help me" ppl :) ....oh yes and X of coz ;))

philet0ast3r would like to greet:
3ri5, Slage Hammer, alcopaul, rastafarie, Necronomikon, PetiK, Mindjuice, NeKr0,
breathe, pissn3lk, BTK, Zoom23, jackie, gl_st0rm, zero-maitimax, BeLiAL, MalFunction,
herm1t, C-URTIS, LiSt, kathi, ina, janine, phily, bafra & all my group members

Second Part To Hell:
My greets goes to everyone in rRlf, VorteX, Worf, Slage Hammer, TRNEY,
AlcoPaul, herm1t, assassin007, Dr. Rave, SnakeByte, mr-virus, mgl, BlackCat, [K]Alamar,
Gigabyte, Necronomikon, Positron, Tim Strazzere, Nr. Aziz, hirosh, Dr. T,
and everybody else i forgot! ;)

Zed would like to greet:
PhileToast3r & all other members of the rRlf
Anyone else who I forgot