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PHP.Rainbow by Second Part To Hell
php.faces by Kefi
JS.Cassandra by Second Part To Hell
W32.Outsider source by Zed
bat.phanthom by adious
turmoil by ppacket
BatXP.Palindrom version 2.0 by Second Part To Hell
bat.brainless by adious
JS.Sinope by Second Part To Hell
HTML.Umbriel by Second Part To Hell
n4matics by ppacket
Strange Article - Bat.Retro by DvL
Strange Article - Macro.Access.Technoir by Necronomikon
Strange Article - worm.crock by vAndEEd0
Strange Article - BAT.Tee by Toro
Strange Article - Bat.Unborn Leader by DvL
Strange Article - Auto CAD2002.Nonius by Necronomikon

Exotic morphing techniques in JavaScript by Second Part To Hell
Programming a Template Macro virus in MS Word by Zed
HoW -=[rRlf]=- was found3d by dr.g0nZo
Polymorphism in JavaScript by Second Part To Hell
add-passwd.cgi by Energy
Cross Infection in JavaScript by Second Part To Hell
www800.cgi by Energy
Useful things in JavaScript by Second Part To Hell
Strange Article - P2P and IRC, what is the connection ? by Slage Hammer
Strange Article - Cookies revealed by Abhishek Bhuyan

Batch Random Number Generator v2.3 by philet0ast3r
Kefi's tiny vbscript poly by Kefi
kefi's jscript poly [kjp] by Kefi
Strange Article - dropfile script generator 2003 build by alcopaul
Strange Article - Dangerous Menu version 4.2 by DvL
Strange Article - Binary Weaver Advanced 1.0 by Nitz

Any kind of art:
Title screen (Redemption by disk0rdia & philet0ast3r)
skull by philet0ast3r
PlanetAnimal by MOG & philet0ast3r
Tragische Fallhöhe by El DudErin0
No Escape Plan by philet0ast3r
Mother Earth by disk0rdia
Level 5 Trip Part II by philet0ast3r
Etrnl_sdnss by philet0ast3r
neu_textdatei_23 by El DudErin0
turn by philet0ast3r
subway-p11a by Kefi
argyreia nervosa by philet0ast3r
A Skateboard that should be worth Millions by dr.g0nZo
blutsh0wer v2.3 by philet0ast3r
Strange Article - They still hurt me by Mellon
Strange Article - Where's the plot? by Sausage-Mahoney
Strange Article - He Said He was an Angel by Primal_r
Strange Article - scheich m0hammed - King of pron by rastafarie
Strange Article - life`z a puzzle by DvL

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