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HoW -=[rRlf]=- was found3d by dr.g0nZo

Hay folks! Did you ever think about how rrlf was founded?? I think ive forgotten it all,
but Ill try to remember ;) About all that shit we have done when we were younger and just
some skateboardin kiddies.... 

We were all in the age of about 15 and phillie was, hmm, i guess 17 as we met the first time
in my hood while we were skateboarding and then we decided to "unsecure" a supermarket
parking site as our new fuckin amazing skatepark... In the first weeks we always had some
excessivly alcoholised skate-fun-shit-doin rides on. In the evening we mostly went to the
house of phil3T0ast3r to trink more beer and smoke some weed, watch some movies. You know
how this is, being drunk with friends that are all totally crazy and fuckin cool....
U know, don't you? 

After we had some discussion about computers, coding and warez and all that shiat weve
recognized that each of us is doin his thing on pcs, ok, so we thought it would be cute
to found a coding-group. So what should be our name?? Then eeo came up with his new board
and yeah, hope you can imagine what happened when you look at the pic:

U see? This is the really [unfamous] Deck that inspired us...

As phil3T0ast3r startet our first page it was just a cool day and we openend some beer
to celebrate the thing that was still cute. When first probs
and some flames have been written into our guestbook we decided to make it bigger and better...
Some local advertisement was necessary, so everyone of us bought some eddings for crappy tags
and after a nice shopping day some higher standard shit would be a pleasure for the world. The
new car parking house was a nice target for some script kiddie sprayer amateurs and their akas... 

In our local ciddy some retarded guys with nasty e-mail accounts had to learn how unsecure the
i-net was (this happenend 3 years ago, i guess) and we made some "friends" of us meant to each
other, reason for this hatefull relationships were some e-mails from some suspicious accounts
which had about 2 users. And now it was time for some extra advertisement, something special
we thought this time so we went out to the streets to search for more stupidity and finally
weve seen this 20 old cars and tagged them the hell down. When a strange guy came up with
his boy we were running like crazy cows and he got us, nah, in the night we went back to the
cars and cleaned them all so that those cars looked newer than before...

rRlf has grown and Im still an amateur in writing some articles or something else. sry.
but I hope you like this really lil story...