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Strange Article - dropfile script generator 2003 build by alcopaul

(generates Batch, BatchXP, C/C++, C#/ASCII, C#/Unicode,
VBA/ASCII, VBA/Unicode and win32asm dropfile scripts)

release date: september 25, 2003

downloaded from:

note: the binary of dropfile script generator is pgp secured.

files in this archive

1) dsg2003.exe.sda.exe (142,892 bytes) - pgp secured archive containing dropfile
script generator 2003 binary. passphrase: evaluation

2) dsg2003.exe.sda.exe.sig (66 bytes) - signature file of the pgp secured archive.

installation guide

double click dsg2003.exe.sda.exe then pgp archive shell will
beg for a passphrase. enter "evaluation" (without the quotes) 
then click ok. then dsg2003.exe will be decrypted and installed 
on the fly.

double click dsg2003.exe and you have a running dropfile script
generator 2003...

if you have pgp and wishes to verify that the pgp archive is
signed by me, then double click dsg2003.exe.sda.exe.sig..



zipped program