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    SAD1c, SpTh, Philet0a$t3r, Adious, Herm1t, Alcopaul, Adder, Positron,
    Timormortis, [K]alamar, Kaspersky, F-Prot & BitDefender guyz, everybody
    who send me an e-mail, and especially ... you; [hope nobody was missed].

philet0ast3r: 3ri5, Tanja, Ina, Janine, Phily, Berndti, Bernhard, LiST, Gurke, El Commandante,
Volker, rastafarie, alcopaul, jackie, BeLiAL, malfunction, Toro, Necronomikon, breathe, DvL,
SAD1c, assassin_007, Clive Thompson, Mindjuice.
Special thanks to Second Part To Hell for the FILE_ID.DIZ,
and very special thanks to Slage Hammer.

Second Part To Hell:
  At the end I wanna send some greets or thanks messages out to the world:
  - SlageHammer          <-- Much thanks for the idea with the JavaScript history :)
  - jackie               <-- Something like a pioneer at JS: Made the first JS infector and the first JS poly engine
  - kefi                 <-- JS-rulez :D
  - SAD1c                <-- Cool JS-encrypter, unfortunately it doesn't work perfect :)
  - philet0ast3r         <-- Auf Hemp Hover's BAT-VCK source schaun und nix mitbekommen +lol+
  - Disk0rdia            <-- Falls wir uns nochmal treffen will ich ne Revange im Billiard, und du tust schön Tischfussballspielen üben! :)
  - Gigabyte             <-- A feminin virus coder: kewl! hehe...
  - Knowdeth             <-- Metaphase rules, I want to see more by you!
  - VirusBuster          <-- One of the coolest guys I've ever had contact to
  - Vorgon               <-- Thanks for the tons of info you gave me in win32asm
  - VorteX               <-- One of the first persons who helped me with virii things! Where are you??
  - Worf                 <-- For sending me much viruses long time ago. Also the question to you: Where are you?
  - Necronomikon         <-- Glaubst du noch an ein Zer0Gravity #1?
  - prizzy               <-- Very much thanks for writing me that mail!!!
  - SnakeByte            <-- Glaubst du, es ist eine gute Idee, den source des besten VCKs der Welt verrecken zu lassen? :D
  - herm1t               <-- For hosting me...
  - Doctor Rave          <-- Vielen dank für alles, wast für mich getan hast!
  - VxF                  <-- You still don't like your old (longer) nick? :)
  - MetalKid             <-- NickRipper!!! :D
  - PanoiX               <-- #backdoor-rulez! Danke für X-access!
  - Perikles             <-- Many thanks for X-access in #vxers!
  - Zed, Industry, Adious, DvL, Nekr0, Arzy <-- I want to see more by you!!!
  - many other I forgot  <-- Thanks for sources, helping me or whatever,...
  - channel-greets fly to #virus, #vir, #vxers, #gigavirii, #backdoor, #blackgate
  - group-greets go to rRlf (sure :D), 29A, iKx, MetaPhase, TKT, MIONS