Greets    [by rRlf]



	I put you in the order of what sprang to my mind ;) I am sure i did not mention
	least one but can't remember your name!#@!
	Sorry most of them are insider knows:

	Kefi            - Tks for exchanging thoughts, maybe you have time some time
	DiA             - Keep up the good work ;P
	Sinclaire       - Shuddup mushrooms can't talk :). I am going to kill your ISP!
	dr3f            - Good luck with your secret projects :D
	Smederevka      - I am with you, bots do have rights!
	phile           - Take the time to code ;). Make a choice.
	VxF             - Have fun, with your stuff and marriage :P
	evil_self       - ASM *IS* better hehe
	Retro           - Have a high time ;)
	Natashka        - !seen dr3f? :)
	Xevion          - Long time no see.
	Rotten          - Luck with learning ASM and your stuff in real life
	Damn i can't remember you name atm - Cya :)

	BlueOwl		- you know, community and stuff ;)
	SPTH		- du "versüßt" mir die zeit in der schule
	philie		- danke für die ehrenvolle aufgabe
	Sinclaire	- go on with DCA
	DR-EF		- thx for your contributions
	My Mates	- "trashing with friends is always funny", see you next time at hardcore
	MPR		- rock n royal hardcore
	Assi.GmbH	- simply the best
         Bad Luck 13	- R.I.P. you crazy guys
	[Your name]	- hey dude!

	greets: philet0ast3r, El DudErin0, rastafarie, Daja, Phily, Berndti,
	Bernhard, Lilli, und alle die mich kennen *schrei-pussy-style*

	@echo off
	set x=you
	set y=philet0ast3r
	if %x%=know(s)/like(s) %y% goto next else exit
	if %ok%=ok goto greets
	set a=%x%
	set x=%y%
	set y=%a%
	set ok=ok
	goto 23
	echo Greets to you :]

	Greets go out to:
	ahnorabbit44 - Haven't heard from you hope your still alive after what happened!
	kefi - did you get my email mate?
	iwing - check your mail and tell me what you think
	becky - Still love ya
	The bloke who looks after through my window every night - I can see you, you bastard

	Second Part To Hell
	for (i=0; i<vxers.entry; i++) { "Hello "+vxers[i] }