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	Member : BlueOwl
	Origin : Netherlands
	Age    : 16
	E-Mail :
	Hobbys : all kinds of coding, playing games
	Comment: -

	Member : DiA
	Origin : Germany
	Age    : 17
	E-Mail :
	Hobbys : ride my BMX, do party with friends, pogo at hardcore, coding
	Comment: trashing with friends is always funny

	Member : dr.g0nzo
	Origin : Hirschau Ciddy
	Age    : 20
	E-Mail :
	Hobbys : alcoholism, trying to give a fuck about the new wehrmacht
	Comment: I got not enough time for everything; drugs everyday drugs as much as I like

	Member : philet0ast3r
	Origin : Bavaria
	Age    : 22
	E-Mail :
	Hobbys : rRlf, friends and girlfriend, antifa, any music that ends with -core
	Comment: fn0rd

	Member : Retro
	Origin : England
	Age    : 21
	E-Mail :
	Hobbys : Coding, wireless hacking, cars
	Comment: If in doube give it a clout

	Member : Second Part To Hell
	Origin : Free World Citizen (located in Austria)
	Age    : 17
	E-Mail :
	Hobbys : spend time with my girlfriend, meet friends and some shit with them (destroying, alcohol, weed, talking shit), listening to music (Theatre Of Tragedy, Darkfall, Uriah Heep, ACDC, Iron Maiden, Kiss, ...) and coding
	Comment: Let's have a beer?!

	From adious, disk0rdia, El DudErin0, Energy and Kefi there is no description, sorry.