Membership    [by BlueOwl]



	The rRlf is an interactive group and we like to expand with new coders.
	But because we	can't accept everyone  whe have made a few requirements
	for new members. If you don't fit them but  still feel like you want to
	join please send a mail to the admin explaining why.

	These are currently what we expect:
        - You should be in to virusses, and have enough time to write them
        - You should know at least one or more languages(ASM or C++ preferably,
	  Visual Basic too, but it has to be something new)
        - You should be willing to write something special or new, or at least
	  put some time  in  your  virus/article/art before you publish it. We
	  don't accept (changed) copies of other peoples stuff.
        - You have to have at  least 2	articles  for every release of the rRlf
	  magazine. Otherwise we will have to kick you because of inactivity :(

	And last but not least: We see our group as a community so  we like you
	to be social with  us (be nice) and interact (send emails) or talk with
	us on IRC, or be social in another  way. And: you have to have cybersex
	with us twice a week.

	If you feel like you fit this description and think rRlf is a cool group
	please send a mail with your info and preferably some of your work (or
	references if you have published before) to philetoaster (philet0ast3r@ and we'll send you a mail with what we decide. (If you have good
        stuff you'll probably get in ;)).

	Have a nice day.