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Obvious stupidity of society    [by adious]
Most simple learning pevirus    [by BlueOwl]
Simple pe prepender-like tutorial virus    [by BlueOwl]
Implementing genetic algorithms in virusses    [by BlueOwl]
Your favorites, my victims - .url infection in JavaScript    [by DiA]
Find Victims with FindExecutable API    [by DiA]
Up to Date with the URLDownloadToFileA API    [by DiA]
Du weisst doch wie das ist...    [by El DudErin0]
Die unergründlichen Wege der Kunst    [by El DudErin0]
C++ Virus Guide :: Part 1    [by Retro]
MenuetOS infection    [by Second Part To Hell]
The Secure Virus-Copy    [by Second Part To Hell]
Code via Behaviour    [by Second Part To Hell]
The weekend of rRlf meeting    [by Second Part To Hell and philet0ast3r]
Contribution - The MacroVirusWriting Tutorial    [by anonymous]
Contribution - Morphing for Dummies    [by Cerebro]

Win32.ThanksToDarwin    [by BlueOwl]
Win32.SecondArrow    [by BlueOwl]
Worm.P2P.Purgatory    [by DiA]
HTML.JS.JackRabbit    [by DiA]
HTML.JS.TrashKid    [by DiA]
Menuet.Oxymoron    [by Second Part To Hell]
Menuet/COM.Tristesse    [by Second Part To Hell]
JS.Ganymed for Windows XP    [by Second Part To Hell]
NoViolence 1.0 | 2.0 | 3.0    [by Second Part To Hell]
RUBY.Paradoxon    [by Second Part To Hell]
Contribution - Mescaline    [by DR-EF]
Contribution - FiReStoRm    [by DR-EF]
Contribution - NorQ    [by DR-EF]
Contribution - W32.hllc.GobliN    [by DR-EF]
Contribution - Win32.Jeremy    [by Necronomikon]
Contribution - bl0wPHiSH v 1    [by phr0st]
Contribution - Win32.KaZaM    [by Sinclaire]
Contribution - Evolution    [by Xevion]

New PEWRSEC    [by BlueOwl]
BGPE - BlueOwls Genetic Poly Engine (Simple version, v0)    [by BlueOwl]
PET - Poly/encrypting engine tester    [by BlueOwl]
TinyDownloader Tool    [by DiA]
Using API's for SMTP in VB    [by Retro]
RCWG Version 2.0 (Retros C Worm Generator)    [by Retro]
Contribution - FETiOP VB Encryption Tool VER 3.0    [by Lasiaf]
Contribution - NWWF(Necronomikons Windoze Worm Factory)    [by Necronomikon]
Contribution - NAVM(Necronomikons M$ Auto CAD 2002 Virus Maker)    [by Necronomikon]

House    [by adious]
Our Life!    [by DiA]
The Fear    [by DiA]
untitled #16    [by disk0rdia]
anaesthetic    [by Kefi]
Chucks    [by philet0ast3r]
Level 5 Trip Part III    [by philet0ast3r]
photo versus memory    [by philet0ast3r]
Revolution Action    [by philet0ast3r]
tribute to karl    [by philet0ast3r]
Napalm Nights    [by philet0ast3r]
Controlled Disorder    [by disk0rdia & philet0ast3r]
Tree of Slack    [by lIlly & philet0ast3r]
Contribution - Black planet    [by Kalininskiy]
Contribution - gold    [by lina]
Contribution - om    [by lina]
Contribution - The Violinist    [by Nanya]